Puzzle Party Apr 28, 2021

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Everyone loves a good puzzle every now and then. Puzzle games have been around for decades, entertaining even the earliest of gamers with their toughest levels and solutions that would make anyone facepalm when they try to figure out how they could have missed it. Admit it, you've had that moment before.

But first, let's dive into some Rocket League news.


Admins Affect Outcome?

Source: Rocket League Esports, Spacestation Gaming, Team ENVY

Internet issues in overtime impact outcome of series? While none of us can answer this question, and hindsight is always 20/20, it begs the question if this changed the outcome.

Well, yes it definitely did, at least for game 3 of the series, and for Admins and RLEsports to initially act like it didn't was mindboggling. With thousands of viewers and fans tuning in and the series on the line, Spacestation Gaming's player known as Sypical disconnected – this can be seen in the clip posted by SSG Tri House here.

For the non-Rocket League gamers out there — this is not normal behavior at most ranks (let alone at the professional level XD). Yet, the admins of the Lamborghini Open event made the ruling that Sypical was not in a position to make a play on the ball.  Well of course not, he dc'ed and his car was stuck driving in a straight line! This led to a goal to end the overtime seconds later and the eventual carry of Team Envy to the finals against NRG.  We are not saying a replay of this kickoff means that team SSG wins this match, but it gives them a fair opportunity to. Especially in a time where tournaments like this are forced to be held virtually, consideration needs to be given to players and all issues that arise from playing remotely.

To add insult to injury, RLEsports later posted the two official rulings:

r/RocketLeague - Competitive Ruling - Spacestation Gaming
841 votes and 151 comments so far on Reddit
Source: Reddit – Psyonix Competitive Ruling: Spacestation Gaming


Psyonix will be awarding Spacestation Gaming an additional 70 points, or the equivalent of Second Place points in the North American Regional Event #3 (350 total points).

So, they don't get second place, but they get Second Place* – And even more so, they were robbed of the opportunity to play NRG in the final (assuming they would have gone to beat NV in the overtime and eventually the series).

r/RocketLeague - Competitive Ruling - Retals
435 votes and 236 comments so far on Reddit
Source: Reddit – Psyonix Competitive Ruling: Retals


Retals repeatedly violated the RLCS and Rocket League Player Code of Conduct. This behavior included, but is not limited to, berating and harassing tournament administrators and Psyonix employees through Discord and Twitch.

The sad part is, this frustration was completely justified. If every viewer noticed it, and knew immediately that it should've been a replay or that something was visibly wrong, how did the admins make the wrong decision? While the degree at which Retals spoke out may not have been appropriate, it was needed in order to make Psyonix and organizers provide a statement. We smell something maybe going on here.. who knows. At the very least we can hope that RLEsports continues to grow, and Psyonix and the professionals find a happy medium in which scenarios like this have more time to be discussed or reviewed.

What are your thoughts on how this was handled? Tweet us @QuickDropMedia #RLEsportsRulings #LamborghiniOpen


Super Surreal

Source: microsoft.com

Size does matter. Well, at least it does in one of the newest puzzle games, Superliminal. A lot of puzzle games seem to have the same sorts of structures. Whether it's finding all the items and arranging them in a certain order, or figuring out what item works to solve the case. However, have you ever played a game where perspective is the key to solving everything? No, that wasn't some profound metaphor for life, but literally how you play the game. It consists of multiple puzzles the player needs to solve in order to escape their surroundings. The objective is to pick up and move items in order to make it through all the different rooms. The biggest unique factor in the game is that moving closer or farther to the object will actually change the shape of the object, allowing even the smallest button to be enlarged to the point that it can be climbed like a stair. Each area is a little different, and the solutions are sometimes in the last place you think to look. So for all you avid puzzle game lovers out there, be sure to give this a try!


Calling All Streamers

Source: hyperxgaming.com

Every streamer wants their voice to be heard. In this case, we mean that literally. Audio quality is super important in any stream, and having a quality microphone in your setup is the key to having clear, crisp speech in each and every stream. A proper streaming microphone can cost you anywhere from thirty or forty bucks to hundreds of dollars (even free if you're just using the mic on that free pair of headphones that came with your iPhone). However, for streamers that are just getting into the game, we're recommending the HyperX Quadcast mic, as it's right in the middle of the market. The microphone is a standalone apparatus, and is compatible with most different online platforms and consoles. The microphone is also certified by Discord and TeamSpeak, so you know you're getting quality with this one. Find it, and more products by HyperX, here!


The Carnival's In Town

Source: eventsforgamers.com

An online bash of game developers, exhibitors, and enthusiasts. Whether you're looking to get into the game development industry with networking, or if you're interested in seeing some new games and playing demos, this carnival is sure to satisfy. Game Carnival is a large game summit hosted by Xsolla, and is completely free to attend. The event will be completely online, and will be held from May 11th-12th, 2021. There will be multiple large group panels and one on one meets with different developers, as well as different exhibitors that you can check out with nothing more than a few clicks. Rising stars in the streaming or game development industry will be able to use the opportunity to really grow their brand and develop their fanbase. Whatever your goal is in gaming, the Game Carnival is sure to help you out! Click here to access more information and RSVP for the event.

Thanks for reading, everyone. Tune in tomorrow for some more gaming content!

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