Referral Program & Quarterly Giveaway Jun 5, 2021

Quick Drop Media

We are beyond excited to share more information on our Referral Program and Quarterly Giveaway in today's Spotlight Saturday.

As you all know, we are a very transparent company. This tweet (here) has all of the information on why we started Quick Drop Media, LLC - we recommend checking it out if you haven't already. Before we get into the details of the program, we wanted to share why we are doing this.

Why are we doing this? While we are excited about the growth we've had thus far since soft launching in February (no marketing spend), it is due to the help of our Quick Droppers (you all). After much discussion with our management team, we decided that we want to reward all of you who continue to help promote us and share the newsletter with your friends, family, and colleagues to sign-up. As you know, we don't generate any revenue at this point, so we are running at a net loss. This is standard in our industry as a start-up. Our hope is with your help, we can grow significantly, generate revenue, and continue to give back to those who helped us get there. We want to reward you all for your time and support and that is why we are launching these programs!

We will outline the Referral Program first and then jump into the Quarterly Giveaway. Enjoy the read - and feel free to share it on the lovely social medias.

Today's Drop is a ~5 min read!


Share and earn rewards

Source: Quick Drop Media, LLC; Explosivo Studio

What's the easiest way to reward Quick Droppers (again, our readers)... A tiered Referral Program!

How do I join the program? Easy, all you have to do is sign-up when we send the website link out in our email and socials. This will provide you with your own custom referral link.

How do I earn rewards? You can share that link with your friends, family, colleagues, discord community, YT page, stream, etc... If anyone clicks that link and signs-up to our newsletter, Daily Drop, and hopefully reads it - you will automatically be given 1 referral. Once you hit the first tier you will earn that reward and then you have to work your way to the next tier. You do not start back at 0 once you get 5 referrals you get the first reward and then you need 5 more to get the second (10 total) etc...

When will it launch? We plan on launching this next week - be sure to read the Daily Drops/check out our Twitter for more information.

Info on the reward tiers:

Sunday Xclusive (5 Referrals) - The first reward tier is 5 referrals. This will provide access to our Sunday Xclusive newsletter. As you know we write the Daily Drop Monday through Saturday. This Sunday Xclusive will be a newsletter that is "xclusive" to those who reach this tier. We will launch this once 50 people hit this tier.  Get excited for this as it will definitely be worth it.

Quick Drop MVP (10 Referrals) - Who doesn't love getting credit? Once you hit this tier you will be contacted to see which name and website link (optional) you want displayed on our website for the Quick Drop MVPs wall of fame. Again, the website link is optional, but we wanted to add as it was requested by our streamer audience to link to their Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, or Glimesh channel.

Discord Nitro or Custom Emote (20 Referrals) - Options, options, options! In this tier you can choose between 1 month of Discord Nitro or a Custom Emote by none other than Explosivo (again, emotes were requested by streamers)! If you haven't seen his custom emotes, you are in for a treat. Explosivo is the best in the business - see here.

3 Quick Drop Tickets (35 Referrals) - This is quite an exciting tier. Once you hit this tier, you will automatically be provided with 3 tickets towards the Quarterly Giveaway! Not to spoil the next section, but this quarter is a $150 gaming gift card!

Gaming Gift Card (50 Referrals) - We love games. This will be a $10 Gaming Gift card to go towards a purchase on Steam, Xbox, PS, or Nintendo Switch.

Quick Drop Crate (100 Referrals) - #DroppinCrates. This crate will give you our hottest selling and most popular merchandise from our store!

We may change these tiers over time as we receive feedback from the community, but we will still provide you all with options. As our 100 tier gets hit by Quick Droppers we may add even more tiers with bigger rewards!

Big shout out to Explosivo for helping us with all of the graphics!


Droppin the big items

Source: Quick Drop Media, LLC; Explosivo Studio

Again, we truly appreciate you all, so we thought we'd add a Quarterly Giveaway Program in addition to our Referral Program! These items will change every quarter between gift cards, games, equipment, access to exclusive events, etc...

The first Quarterly Giveaway, since we are already in June, will end September 30th. Every other Quarterly Giveaway will run on a standard 3 month schedule: Oct - Dec '21, Jan - Mar '22, Apr-June '22, July-Sept '22 etc... You get the point!

How does it work? For every 10, 20, and 30 referrals you have over the quarter, you will automatically be provided with 1, 2, and 3 Quick Drop tickets respectively. This stops at 30, to make it fair, so if you get 40 you do not get 4. With that said, Quick Droppers can earn more in a friendly competition to place in the top 3 over the quarter: 1st place (most referrals) gets 10 additional tickets, 2nd place gets 7, and 3rd place gets 5.

Also, if you recall from above in the Referral Program - if you hit the 35 referral tier you get 3 tickets (you can only hit that tier once, but it is another way to earn!).

It's important to keep an eye out over the quarter as we will provide additional ways to earn tickets in our newsletter and on our socials!

So what's the maximum Quick Drop tickets I could earn? If you refer 30 people over the quarter you will earn 1 (10 referrals) +2 (20 referrals) +3 (30 referrals) = 6 tickets. If you come in first place that is an additional 10 tickets = 16 total. Keep in mind, if you have not yet hit the Referral Program's 35 referral tier then you can earn an additional 3. Again, you can only hit that once. Let's assume you hit that as well during this quarter you could earn 19 total which would increase your probability of winning. Be sure to read the newsletter and check out our twitter for more ways to win tickets throughout the quarter!


Droppin Key Takeaways

Source: Wikipedia

1) Referral Program & Quarterly Giveaway are a way we can reward and give back to you all

2) Referral Program - Share your custom link and when someone signs up you earn 1 referral. Once you hit the first tier (5), you earn that reward and then you have to try to reach the next tier! Once you hit 100 (currently top tier) we may add more to keep the momentum going!

3) Quarterly Giveaway - Earn tickets that will be entered into a larger item giveaway. You can earn these through: one of the tiers (35) in the Referral Program, getting 10, 20, 30 referrals over the quarter, being top 3 referrers over the quarter, or through ways we share on our newsletter/socials.

Be sure to check our Daily Drops and Socials next week for when we announce the launch of the programs! THANK YOU again for all of the support and we look forward to launching this competition! Reach out on our Discord with any questions.

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