Relaunching Daily Drop May 10, 2021

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We are working extremely long hours here at Quick Drop Media to bring to you our revamped content & referral rewards program!

Today, will be the first day of our revamped/new content. We hope you all enjoy it and continue to tune in this week to see the different sections. Please take some time to fill out our survey at the bottom of the Daily Drop to let us know what you think. It should only take 30 seconds.

Why did we revamp our content? The best part about our Quick Dropper's community is the feedback loop. We received a ton of positive feedback from you all, but we heard that you all wanted additional content (more flexibility than just games, equipment events) and it to be much more timely (aka written the day before).

So how did we do this? We onboarded two new writers (one more to go), worked over the past month to identify key areas of focus, and wanted to reward those Quick Droppers who help us grow subscribers through referral rewards. After going back and forth with a few of our partners, we finally think we hit the nail on the head. Bring on our new Daily Drop!

Source: Quick Drop Media, LLC; Explosivo


Big day today for $RBLX

Source: YahooFinance; This is not investment advice

After the whole GameStop fiasco with Retail vs. Institutional investors, we had multiple gamers and streamers ask us to start including gaming #stonks. This section will be here every day to look at the biggest winners & losers from yesterday's performance. Since today is a Monday, we highlighted Friday's performance (U.S. stock market is open M-F 9:30am-4:00pm).

Roblox - $RBLX had strong performance on Friday with positive sentiment going into the companies earnings report, which will be released today. Expect movement in this stock tomorrow, either up from beating analyst estimates or down from coming in short on analyst estimates. Of course there is more to it, but that is a high level of how it works!

Huya - We all know Twitch & Glimesh, but do you know Huya or Douyu? These are the Chinese giant Media equivalents in the streaming world. $HUYA fell recently on a report circulating that Chinese regulators may not let them acquire Douyu. By the way, Tencent is Huya's biggest shareholder and owns a third of Douyu (they own everything!)


Resident Evil shatters old record

Source: Capcom; Resident Evil Village

What is Resident Evil? We would guess 99.9% of our readers know what Resident Evil is, but for those that don't: Resident Evil is a series of survival games that are scary AF. This is the company's tenth main installment, and the sequel to the 2017 release. Resident Evil 7 Village launched last month and is absolutely crushing it.

What record(s) did it break? Resident Evil hit an all time high of 101,726 concurrent players. That is unbelievable for this series and nearly 5x the peak players seen in Resident Evil 7. Not only are concurrent players at an all-time high, but Twitch stats are also off the chart, and hit 658,703 peak viewers on Friday. Thank you Steamdb for the awesome up-to-date stats.

Should you get this game? The game just released on PC/Next-gen consoles and has people in awe over it. Following COVID, 2017 seems like ages ago. The market was looking for a new horror title from Capcom. Two of us at Quick Drop Media are waiting on our Playstation 5's to be shipped, but once they are, you bet we are buying this game. If you buy it, buckle up and get ready to cover your eyes.


AVerMedia does it again

Source: AVerMedia

The webcam to win your work or stream over! After reviewing the AVerMedia PW513 (which is still arguably the best webcam on the market), we got our hands on a PW315 - thank you AVerMedia. Not only is this webcam impressive for its price, but the wide angle makes it great for flexing your slick WFH or streaming set-up.

It's important to assess webcams on 3 main specs:

  1. Pixels (e.g. 1080p)
  2. FPS - frames per second (e.g. 60)
  3. dFoV - diagonal field of view (e.g. 78°)

This webcam is amazing. Your average webcam has a 78° dFoV, and this bad boy comes in at 95.8°! It also provides 1920*1080 at a 60FPS. If we are speaking a foreign language to you, in plain English: it is amazing.

Is that all? With AVerMedia that is never "all". You have 360° flexibility to pan around your room, AI auto framing, and a privacy shutter. We personally love the privacy shutter add-on to webcams, because let's be honest: we never know who is watching. Kudos to AVerMedia for continuing to put out top tier products.


New game mode in Valorant


A new mode called Replication will appear in Valorant. Riot Games announced a new game mode "coming soon" to the game. We first got a teaser over the weekend for the new mode, which features a new map called Breeze as well as 12 Brimstone smokes. Gossip is that Replication will be similar to One for All from League of Legends where every player locks in the same champion. To watch the first teaser click here.

One day later, another teaser appeared - to watch click here. Jeez Valorant has us on our toes. In this new mode it shows several sky flash drives flying at the agent on the Haven map.


If all these assumptions are confirmed, then this mode will truly become valuable for lovers of chaos. Imagine putting several sage walls at the same time. We have a feeling this mode is going to be a lot of fun. We aren't sure when the next 2.09 patch will be released, but it most likely will start before VALORANT Champions Tour 2021: Stage 2 Masters - Reykjavík.

Well, we hope you enjoyed the first day of our revamped Daily Drop. We will bring you more timely news with some spice. And if you don't like spice - too bad. In all honesty, we would appreciate your feedback in this short form below:

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Thanks for taking the time to fill out some Quick feedback for the Squad.

Until tomorrow #DroppinOut.

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