Release Reminders Jul 14, 2021

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With everything going on in our lives, it's easy to forget the smaller things like game release dates. Luckily, we have a mid-month (ish) reminder so you all can mark your calendars without missing a beat!

Today's Drop is a ~5 min read!


Second-Half of July Game Release Schedule

  • Ragnarock VR [PC VR] – July 15
  • F1 2021 [PC, PS5, XSX, PS4, XBO] – July 16
  • The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD [Switch] – July 16
  • Restless Night [PS4, XBO, Switch] – July 16
  • Stack Up! (Or Dive Trying) [PC] – July 16
  • Within the Blade [PS5, XSX, PS4, XBO, Switch] – July 16
  • Cris Tales [PC, PS5, XSX, PS4, XBO, Switch, Stadia] – July 20
  • Last Stop [PC, PS5, XSX, PS4, XBO, Switch] – July 22
  • Akiba's Trip: Hellbound & Debriefed [PS4, Switch] – July 23
  • Observer: System Redux [PS4, XBO] – July 23
  • Orcs Must Die! 3 [PC, PS4, XBO] – July 23
  • The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles [PC, PS4, Switch] – July 27
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator [XSX] – July 27
  • SkyDrift Infinity [PC, PS4, XBO, Switch] – July 27
  • Tribes of Midgard [PC, PS5, PS4] – July 27
  • Unbound: Worlds Apart [PC, Switch] – July 28
  • Arcsmith [Oculus Quest] – July 29
  • The Ascent [PC, XSX, XBO] – July 29
  • Eldest Souls [PC, PS5, XSX, PS4, XBO, Switch] – July 29


Changes In The Video Game Industry

Source: Entertainment Software Association

Every year the Entertainment Software Association creates a report of different trends and changes in the video game industry. They started out by identifying that there has been almost a 6% increase with the amount of people who played video games.

Let's dive deeper into the data. Some of the interesting numbers are that 80% of players are over 18 and the average video game player is 31 years old. This shows that video games have molded in our culture and grew beyond a children’s hobby. The data also had positive benefits for players. 89% of people believe that it can bring diverse identities together and is accessible for more people. Overall, people have been perceiving that video games have been able to create diverse experiences.

The Pandemic had a big impact. Since people have spent some of their time in a lockdown, playing video games was an obvious thing to do. Video games provided people a way to stay connected with others and stay entertained. However, the more interesting statistic was that 90% of players plan to continue to play beyond the pandemic. Even 66% of parents believed that video games helped with the transition to distance learning. Video games started to become more understood in the past year like never before. There is much more information, and the Entertainment Software Association provides great infographics. Feel free to check it out here.


Source: ESL

In the final of Group A, NAVI played against Astralis. Many fans of CS:GO were waiting for the meeting of these teams, since a couple of years ago the confrontation between NAVI and Astralis was considered a derby. The first map started from a confident game by NAVI, who won the first half 13:2. Astralis tried to close the gap in the score, but they didn't succeed.

On the second map, the teams went smoothly, no one had a greater advantage over the course of the match. With the score 15:13 in favor of NAVI, Astralis managed to win an important round, depriving the opponent of the opportunity to finish the game in their favor. As a result, Astralis managed to put the squeeze on NAVI with a score of 22:19 and equalize the score in this match.

On the third map, NAVI started with five rounds in a row, but then Astralis were able to get closer in a score to the opponent. The decisive factor in this match was a clutch from a 's1mple' with 1 hp, when he placed a bomb and then killed two opponents. In the result, NAVI won the first half 10:5 and then crushed Astralis 6:0 in the second half.

Match stats

Source: HLTV

NAVI will meet in semi-finals of IEM Cologne with the winner of pair Gambit/FaZe Clan. IEM Cologne 2021 takes place from 6th to 19th of July. The prize pool of the tournament is $1,000,000.


Persona 6 Confirmed

Source: Atlus

Atlus has revealed an update to their Persona website, giving fans a short teaser for many different future projects under production. From the looks of these wonderful teasers, it seems that the company had confirmed the development of a Persona 6. The official Persona 6 confirmation was released in part because of the official Atlus Japan recruitment page. On there you can find multiple different interviews regarding new upcoming works, company culture, and various other things. One of these interviews held the true gem of the entire site: the announcement of Persona 6.

Atlus director Naoto Hiraoka states that this game is no small feat compared to its predecessors. They have a massive vision for the game and are doing their best to come out with something that will absolutely blow their previous games out of the water. Hiraoka gave a small comment regarding his thoughts on the game:

"Thanks to a large amount of support we received for Persona 5, we have gotten a sense of accomplishment, but we can’t stop there. When we created Persona 4, there was the pressure that it had to exceed Persona 3. Now, we will have to create a 6 which exceeds 5. However, exceeding 5 will be difficult with the current staff. I would like to surpass this tall hurdle with everyone who joins us in this recruitment. The workplace is perfect for those who want a creative challenge when it comes to bringing games to the world.”

The Persona series is a long-running well-loved franchise, and the announcement of the next game has all of its fans jumping for joy.


Xbox Settings Update Prevents Kids From Making Microtransactions

Source: CNN

Admit it, there was a time where you were playing some form of gatcha game, and used your parents' money to get in-game stuff without them knowing. It's a very common game, and one that parents see all too often. While the majority of companies will often forgive these microtransactions (though parents may not), it is a hassle trying to control what children do on your Xbox while still keeping your card information on at easy access.

The new settings update by Xbox will limit the amount of spending an individual account can do per month. Parents can also opt to accept or deny all of their children's' purchases, which is something that Amazon has already added onto their own platform. Lastly, they will be able to monitor their children's' spending habits and keep track of what's going on every month.

Xbox has stated that these changes are among the first of many, and that hopefully in the future they will be able to add more stringent options to prevent further issues with microtransactions.

Peace out, homies. Drop ya later!

Daily Drop Credit: Anam, Carmine, Mark, and the Founders.

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