Feature Friday - RoseRaider1 Mar 12, 2021

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Welcome to this week's Feature Friday!

We will be covering someone who has everyone convinced that she doesn't sleep! More on this later.

RoseRaider1 is a streamer that truly cares about her community and helping you grow with her. With tons of experience in the industry, having streamed on a few platforms at least once, Rose covers a wide segment of games, and even educational content or tutorials on different streaming software! She has coined these educational segments as 'Streamaversity' - ok we have to admit that is brilliant. You're onto something here Rose!

When it comes to defining RoseRaider1 and her channel, we think of:

  • Contagious - No, not like COVID! Her personality is absolutely contagious and can put you in the best of moods as you interact on her channel
  • Uplifting - Her channel is super hype and uplifting. Rose continually loves to inspire and help motivate others – and we think this is when she's most happy as well!
  • Driven - Rose's efforts don't just stop at streaming. She is heavily involved in other platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and working on the Glimesh platform as a Community Team Lead & Event coordinator. As if streaming wasn't enough work already, Rose continues to hustle and think outside the box.

Be sure to check out her channel's on Twitch and Glimesh


Getting to know RoseRaider1

Source: RoseRaider1

1) When did you start streaming and which platforms have you streamed on?

"I started streaming on Mixer in September 2019. I had never watched a live stream before starting up my own. I grinded to build a community and got accepted for Mixer Partnership in April 2020. We left Mixer when it shut down and moved to Twitch. That has been our temporary home while we waited for Glimesh to be built and open up to the world. I now stream on Glimesh.tv while my Twitch streams are to bring the rest of the community over to Glimesh.

2) Who is your favorite streamer and why?

"My favorite streamer is a hard one, I have so many, I would have to say AngrySpexican. His energy is like no one else and can captivate me for hours. He streams on Twitch and usually later in the night which is great for me as I can watch and laugh while I work. If you haven't checked out his content I highly recommend him.

3) What piece of streaming equipment could you not live without?

"I couldn't live without my Stream Deck. It's by far the best piece of equipment I have bought. I utilize it in so many ways that makes my live stream a breeze for me to control. If you want some tips and tricks on how to utilize yours best, my DM's are always open!

4) Tell us about your work with the Glimesh Team?

I'm very proud of my work at Glimesh. I am a Team Lead for the Glimesh Community Team (global moderators) and an Event Coordinator. The entire team has been hard at work to help answer questions and support the community as well as keep them safe. I recently helped plan and coordinate our Glimesh Launch Stream which had a world of challenges but we pulled it off and it was a great success! Shout out to the entire Glimesh Team for all their hard work!

5) Everyone we talk to is convinced you don't sleep... so, do you?

"Haha.. I am a night owl who loves to work when its dark! Working for myself, I get to make my own hours and 90% of my work can be done at any hour of the day. I am always grinding to improve my stream, learn new things, present my business in the best light, reach out to companies to work with, helping other content creators, working on Glimesh, I have a beautiful daughter, and a household to take care of. So as far as sleep is concerned, I sleep when I'm tired and wake up about 5 hours later. I usually fall asleep in the morning hours and wake up early afternoon, sometimes in my chair"

6) Any last piece of advice for our Quick Droppers?

"Stop thinking of yourself as a "small streamer" and putting yourself down. You are a content creator with just as many opportunities as anyone else, especially on Glimesh. Your mind is powerful and when you tell yourself or others these things, you unknowingly create a ceiling you can't pass. Take those barrier's down and think outside the box, you may surprise yourself!"


RoseRaider1 Games

Source: RoseRaider1

RoseRaider1 plays tons of  games and we'd like to cover a few of them:

Apex Legends: Rose has been playing since Season 1 (you OG you) and she mains Pathfinder. Watch out for those grapples – she loves Pathfinders movement and ability to bop around the map quickly. As of recent she has also been playing lifeline and bloodhound since certain lineups give you a wombo-combo to carry you to the W. Apex is 'her baby' and you can find her playing quite frequent!

Valheim: While Valheim is somewhat of a newer game, it has captured Rose's attention. With it's initial release about a month ago, she's logged over 200 hours (oops..? Nah!) She love's the Viking style play and the building aspect of the game. On her journey to become a realty guru in Valheim with her plethora of homes, she's even taken several trips in her boat right off the map – shout out to you flat earthers... you may be right in this instance.

Phasmophobia: If you truly want to laugh and watch someone jump out of their seat, you need to tune in to Rose's Phasmophobia streams. It's no wonder this game is a community favorite on her channel. She truly loves the game as well – taking part in running on the beta with the pro maps – Maximum scare potential.

Streamaversity: As we mentioned before, Streamaversity is a segment that Rose covers on stream to help other content creators. She covers her vast knowledge on programs such as discord, mix it up, stream deck, pixelchat, glimesh, obs, stream elements, audio setups, social media, taking discoverability into your own hands, and so much more! Uh... Rose, what else is there because that's pretty much everything! At Quick Drop, we LOVE Streamaversity and wish we had tuned in earlier to help master our craft - for the Quick Droppers out there looking to give your channel the spark it needs, THIS IS IT. (brain do your thing)


RoseRaider1 Stream Setup

Source: RoseRaider1

RoseRaider1 stream setup and equipment. Talk about a awesome setup, and how about that wall!? Check out her gaming PC specs and favorite peripherals below.

Gaming PC:

  • CPU - AMD Ryzen 7 2700
  • GPU - Radeon RX 5700XT
  • MOBO - X570 Aorus Elite
  • CASE - NZXT H510 Elite
  • RAM - 2x16gb Corsair DDR4

Peripherals: Rose's wide variety of equipment!

  • MONITOR - AOC 27" Gaming Monitor
  • KEEBS - HyperX
  • MICE - Glorious Model O (super light, use it for Apex), UtechSmart Venus Gaming Mouse (12 side buttons for maximum MMO potential)
  • STREAM MANAGEMENT - Elgato Stream Deck
  • HEADSET - Astro A40 with custom plates
  • AUDIO - Virtual Audio Cables (This is crazy)
  • MIC -  HyperX Quadcast
  • CAM - Logitech Brio

Stay tuned for our upcoming EVENTS sections where we will cover RoseRaider1 hosted events and collaborations. She is constantly evolving her channel - so we have no doubt there will be awesome content to cover!

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