Shoot For The Moon Jul 20, 2021

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It's National Moon Day today, so be sure to take a look up in the sky tonight and catch a glimpse. If going outside isn't something you're interested in, how about trying a space themed game instead? We recommend Stellaris, Mewn Base, Outer Wilds, Mass Effect 2, Starbound, or Kerbal Space Program. Bezos made it, what can be said for Jebediah Kerman ?

Today's Drop is a ~5 min read!


Tencent Acquires Sumo for 1.3 Billion

Tencent ($TCEHY) - The gaming giant is grows yet again in its latest purchase of the gaming company Sumo for $1.27 billion dollars. After losing out on the acquisition of Huya ($HUYA) and DouYu ($DOYU), it began setting its sights on other companies. The purchase has grown the company's online presence and will allow it to further develop its own name in the world of gaming, not that it isn't massive already.


Peloton Bikes Into The Gaming Sector

Source: Peloton

The poppin' fitness company Peloton has been doing quite a lot lately, but one of the biggest things it's released is a new beta video game called Lanebreak. It will be the very first break into the gaming world for the company.

Unlike the classic instructor-led fitness courses, Lanebreak is in a whole other lane. It's going to be a lot like rhythm gaming, except instead of foot/hand movements and screen taps, pedaling at certain cadences will be incentivized. The visuals look a lot like a Tron highway, with glowing lines and dots. There will be a resistance knob that allows you to choose different lanes, going from easiest on the left to hardest on the right. There will also be different synced challenges, such as pickup points that match the tempo, streams for matching cadence range, and breakers that have the player match an output in a small time window. Lastly, the game will allow players to redeem 'points' and challenge members with the game.

Users will of course have the ability to choose different music genres, playlists, difficulty levels, workout types, and durations. It is currently only available to 1000 users during its beta phase, and is likely to have a few changes by the time it launches in early 2022. Players will need to have a Bike or Bike+ in order to use the game.

Will this really change the gaming world too much, or even allow Peloton to be a somewhat big name in gaming? We're unsure. However, it is a really big step in the direction of melding the gaming world with other facets of life. We're excited for the changes to come once it's out of beta!


True Neutral Wins Gamers Without Borders 2021 Rocket League

Source: gwbps

Gamers Without Borders, a virtual festival consisting of a number of esports tournaments as well as live shows, concerts, and a learning platform, announced its return for the second year. The project is backed by the Saudi Arabian Federation for Electronic and Intellectual Sports (SAFEIS), with the $1.5 million charity CS:GO tournament hosted by ESL just one part of the month-long festival that will distribute $10 million.

True Neutral crushed 4:0 XSET in the grand final of Gamers Without Borders 2021: North America. In the Quarterfinals, True Neutral met Flashes of Brilliance. They lost the match 1:2, but then taking two wins with a score of 1:0, and snatched a victory on the seventh map, scoring the decisive goal in overtime. In the semifinals, it took a little less strength for True Neutral to beat their opponent. They took victory over Alpine Esports 4:1 (1:0; 2:1; 0:1; 5:2; 3:1).

The final of this tournament turned out to be the most mundane of all matches. It seemed that XSET simply hadn't logged into the server. True Neutral defeated the opponents in a clean sheet 4:0, beating them on the last map with a score of 5:2.

Gamers Without Borders Finalists:

1. True Neutral - $200,000 (UNICEF)
2. XSET - $100,000 (UNICEF)
3-4. Charlotte Phoenix - $50,000 (UNICEF)
3-4. Alpine Esports - $50,000 (Direct Relief)
5-8. Flashes of Brilliance - $25,000 (UNICEF)
5-8. Oxygen Esports - $25,000 (UNICEF)
5-8. FURIA Esports - $25,000 (UNICEF)
5-8. RBG Esports - $25,000 International Medical Co


Super Smash Bros. Melee

Source: Smash Summit 11

In the fighting game community, there is one game that stood strong. The 20 year old GameCube game Super Smash Bros. Melee has a rich history and remains as one of the most popular fighting games today. This past weekend was the first in-person Melee tournament in the last year and a half, and it showed why people love to watch Melee.

Melee has had a tough year. Since it is a GameCube game it was impossible to play successfully with others unless it was local play. It was not until a community member created a mod that allowed people to play online with others. Online Melee began in full swing and some old and new players rose in prominence. However, as we learned online tournaments are not the ideal way to show the best competition.

Smash Summit 11 was announced. The best Melee players from around the world were invited and qualified for this exclusive tournament. 16 players competed for the biggest prize pool of $46,000. Players had to fight through a grueling group stage, gauntlet, and bracket all weekend.

The greats remained on top. Hungrybox's iconic Jigglypuff made it to third place, which surprised many as he has been focusing on his stream this last year. Young Zain had an incredible winner's run only dropping two games leaing to the Grand Finals. Melee God Mang0 was immediately sent to the losers bracket and had a brutal losers run to the Grand Finals. Mang0 ultimately beat Zain in a best 3 out of 5 twice showing why he is one of the best players of all time.

The community around Melee is passionate. Every tournament pushes the competitors to their limits. And as they say, there is always more Melee to be played.

Did you know Tuesday gets its name from the war god Tiu? We didn't, but we do hope you have a good Tuesday!

Daily Drop Credit: Anam, Carmine, Mark, and the Founders.

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