Sit Back And Relax Sep 6, 2021

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Happy Labor Day, everyone! We hope you're all having a wonderful day off from the daily grind, and taking advantage of your long weekends to rest and recover from last week. Whatever your profession is, thanks for all of your hard work. We all deserve a day off sometimes, so be sure to sit back, relax, and game.

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Meme The Day Away

Reddit: r/gaming_memes
Reddit: r/gaming_memes
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The Next Season of Overwatch League Has A Major Change

Source: Blizzard

Overwatch is the most recent hit from the massive Blizzard. The game was a breathe of fresh air in the team-based multiplayer first-person shooter. It was innovative and more inclusive than any game before. The game went through massive changes over the years. They added new maps and characters, while balancing it all. A professional esports league eventually was created with an incredible start. As time passed, players were feeling burnt out from the game. However, when Overwatch 2 was announced gamers got an excitment from the game all over again.

The future of Overwatch has been up in the air. In the beginning, Overwatch was a slam dunk. They pushed that momentum into an official eSports league. As they end their 4th season this month, the fanbase dwindled. Between lack of updates and recent problems within Blizzard, Overwatch was in a tough spot. Overwatch 2 was announced with some previews, but with no formal release window there wasn't much to look forward to. However, a fifth season is announced for April 2022. The big news is that the season will be played on an early build of Overwatch 2. We already know that some characters received reworks such as Winston and Mei. The entire meta will be different from what is played now, and the professional players will be the first to pioneer new strategies. Either way this seems to be an entirely new way for esports to develop.

Considering the problems Blizzard is facing, it's curious to see how successful this early development turns out. It could be a way to improve their image and to get gamers excited. It could also turn into a disaster if it seems like the same game or problematic. We will see what comes this upcoming April.


Gambit Finishes 1st in Group D in CS:GO ESL Pro League S14

Source: ESLCS

Gambit lost against Ninjas in Pyjamas 0:2 in the last match of group D in ESL Pro League Season 14, but secured 1st place and spot in quarterfinals. Despite being defeated in the last match, Gambit is still in first place in Group D, thanks to four previous victories. For NiP this victory became the third in group D, and they also secured a spot in the playoffs. But this would not have happened if FURIA had beaten Team Liquid. But this did not happen.

Team Liquid crushed the opponent on the first map, 16:4. FURIA didn't give up and showed confident play on the second map, Nuke. They were able to win Team Liquid 16:10, and settled the score in the match, 1:1. The third map came out very dramatic. FURIA won first half 8:7, and then leading 15:11. While this match meant nothing to Team Liquid, they all showed the will to win, winning four rounds in a row and tied the score 15:15. FURIA had a chance, but they did not take advantage of it, losing 17:19 and lost all chances of reaching the playoffs.

Match stats

Source: HLTV

Gambit managed to take four victories in five matches, and finish their group D in the first place in ESL Pro League Season 14. The second place in the group went to Team Liquid, who scored 12 points. NiP took the third place. Entropiq, FURIA and Team One were eliminated from the ESL Pro League Season 14.


Razer Releases A New Headset, and Gaming Chair Feature


The well-known gaming and equipment company has no shortage on ideas, and has recently come up with an all new addition to their wonderful gaming chairs. While these aren't all new models, the improvements made are definitely worth the change. Even the smallest of details can make or break the design of anything, so it's always good to see that a company is still working on nitpicking the smallest things to make their products perfect. Their new headset was also released recently, and is definitely something worth taking a look at.

First up we have a new model of the original Iskur gaming chair, with all new added fabric. The new fabric is meant to give players more options when choosing. The fabric has an extremely soft, plush-like feel composed of densely woven, spill proof yarn. While that may not seem like a lot, those of you who know the value of a higher thread count in your sheets will love this new addition. This version of course will be a little more expensive, retailing at about $499. The XL version also has this feature, and will retail at $599.

The Razer Barracuda X Gaming Headset was also recently released, and has its own unique features. The headset comes with a detachable Hyperclear Cardioid mic, meaning that it can be switched between a headset and headphones. With 40mm drivers and an easy-to-reach mute for in-game use, they're great for pay and talk during team matches. Their durability is really top-notch, and they have great noise-cancellation capabilities as well. The battery life is also pretty impressive, making this pair great for both casual and pro gaming. With these new products and features sounding so great, we can't wait to see what Razer has in store for the future.

Have a wonderful long weekend everyone!

Daily Drop Credit: Anam, Carmine, Mark, and the Founders.

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