Slipping Through Your Fingers Aug 30, 2021

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Often times unexpected events can lead you to miss out on things in your life, or cause you to put things on hold. Various games and equipment have been affected by roadblocks that can cause opportunities to truly fall through the palms of your hands. However, staying resilient and learning from the past is what helps games stay on track and wonderful, so just keep pushing through whatever it is that's stopping you (in today's case, it might be the fact it's a Monday...)

Today's Drop is a ~5 min read!


Super Smash Ultimate Players Compete at Summit 3


In person tournaments are slowly coming back post pandemic. People are curious to see how the last year and a half of online play will translate. Smash Ultimate Summit 3 is a special invitational with 16 players in an intense 3-stage run.

With nearly $50,000 on the line, players wanted to show their best. On the first day, they were placed in four groups. The four players who won their started in winners on the final day. The rest were placed in three groups for a guantlet stage. Whoever loses here had to start the final bracket in losers. Players like MKLeo, Sparg0, and Marss won their groups on the first day, while Tweek and Kola had to win their second day. Dabuz and Maister ended up starting in losers. On the final day, MKLeo was sent early to losers by his long time rival, Tweek. Sparg0 lost in Winners final, and had to play MKLeo who had a huge win over Marss. MKLeo was the victor over Sparg0 in a reverse 3-2. That led to a rematch of round one, MKLeo and Tweek. While MKLeo was on fire in his losers run, Tweek manage to win once again to deny MKLeo what would have been his 3rd summit win.

It was an intense weekend of Smash Ultimate. The first major in-person tournament in over twelve months. There will be a ton of tournaments in the next few months, and the next Summit is in six months.


German Amigos Wins Rocket League Samsung Odyssey League - Finals

Source: OdysseyLeague

German Amigos won against Mustu Flick 3:0 in the grand-final of Samsung Odyssey League - Finals. German Amigos qualified to this tournament through DACH Regional, won Edelweiss Esports and EURONICS Gaming. After the draw, German Amigos got into group A, where they were with White Demons, Violencia and ENTERPRISE esports. In Group A they managed to win all three matches, twice with a score of 3:1.

In Upper bracket semifinals, German Amigos crushed Mustu Flick 3:0 (2:1; 4:0; 3:2). In upper bracket final, German Amigos met with BFH. They lost first map in overtime, but then managed to upset the opponent 3:0, 3:1 and 3:2, secured the spot in the final. In the grand-final, German Amigos played against Mustu Flick. And again crushed them, not letting them win even a map. Final score 3:0 (9:1; 1:0; 4:1).

Final bracket of Samsung Odyssey League - Finals

Source: Liquipedia

The Samsung Odyssey League - Finals winners are:

1. German Amigos - €15000 + 3x Odyssey G5 Monitors
2. Mustu Fluck - €7500 + 3x Odyssey G5 Monitors
3. BFH- €1750
4. White Demons - €750
5-6. The Flying Dutchman
5-6. Violencia
7-8. monkasteer
7-8. ENTERPRISE esports


Ubisoft Is Still Considering Opening An Amusement Park


A videogame themed amusement park sounds like a dream come true. With the current development of Super Nintendo World in Japan, it's only natural that other developers would jump on the bandwagon. Amusement parks add another layer of childlike wonder and depth to gaming, allowing users to experience a real-life world dedicated to everything that they love about games. Ubisoft had long ago announced that they wanted to develop their own amusement park and are now entertaining the idea again.

Originally, the announcement was made back in 2015 with the opening set for 2020. The latest information states that Ubisoft has now switched from its previous partner RSG to Storyland Studios. Made up of "Team Members and Executive Leadership from The Walt Disney Company, Disney Imagineering, Pixar Animation Studios, Universal, and Legoland," Storyland Studios are they're teaming up with Alterface, designers of interactive theaters and dark rides, to help Ubisoft create the amusement part of their dreams. Since its stunt from COVID-19, the company is doing its best to make a resurgence and eventually compete with the upcoming Super Nintendo World.


A Beginning Look At Jurassic World Evolution 2

Source: Epic Games

Jurassic World Evolution 2 recently had an all new trailer released at the Future Games Show. Among the highlights were two new introduced dinosaurs and some commentary from Jeff Goldblum. The game director began by introducing Goldblum and then showing some epic new scenes of the changing environment. Many diverse environments such as rain, sandstorms, and snow, are all included in the new game as challenges to be overcome. With the success of the previous game as well as the success of the overall franchise, it's no doubt that fans are excited for the coming arrival.

The other big change was the new dino types that are being added this time around. The first one started off with some neat underwater clips showing the all new ichthyosaur, accompanied by some commentary by Goldblum regarding a snorkeling adventure with barracudas. Next, the scene goes to the skies where the new cearadactylus. This one is an impressively large, flying creature with sharp teeth and claws to grasp unsuspecting fish. Both new additions are a sight to behold, and will likely add some new fun to the upcoming sequel.

You can currently pre-order the game from Steam or the Epic Games Store. It will be available for PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox 1, and PC on November 9th.

We hope your week is off to a great start!

Daily Drop Credit: Anam, Carmine, Mark, and the Founders.

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