Spotlight Saturday - AI and Gaming Jul 31, 2021

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Welcome to this week's Spotlight Saturday. Every Saturday we will look to spotlight different gaming companies, organizations, or top news. DM us on Discord or Twitter if you have any other topics you would like us to cover!

Today marks July 31st, National Mutt's Day. These days, it always seem to be the purebreds  that get all the attention, but today focuses on the mixed breed dogs who sometimes get overlooked. Mixed breed dogs make up the largest percentage of dogs that are abandoned, and make up about 80% of dogs in shelters. But mixed breed dogs are awesome in addition to providing the unconditional love we all know a dog provides.

Here's a few perks of adding a one of these treasures to your family:

  • On average, mixed breed dogs have longer lifespans that purebred dogs
  • Mixed breed dogs generally have better overall health, too
  • Mixed breed dogs have a unique appearance
  • Mixed breed dogs are generally less expensive than purebred dogs

Now let's get into the cool robot AI stuff.

What's it all about?

Artificial Intelligence and Gaming

Source: Getty Images, created by Yuichiro Chino

Many gaming platforms are beginning to include the use of AI technology in their games and platforms.

Along with others working in the AI development space, Sony recently moved to patent their latest gaming AI. The whole idea behind their AI, or rather Artificial Intelligence in general, is for the AI to learn and adapt on its own. This isn't unique to gaming, but Sony is taking an interesting approach in which they are patenting the use of an AI who learns from the human gamer's input, and continues to evolve and play after the human has stopped playing. Think of games like Dark Souls, where you fail, and fail, and fail, and fail, and just when you think you're going to succeed, you fail again. Tech like this would help the user in games where leveling up is required or in co-op style gameplay where a computer/NPC is a character fighting alongside you in battles.

Alternatively, the AI could learn and adapt to offer tips in more puzzle-based gameplay, or open world platforms based on a set of world conditions or ever changing map interactions.

So who else is looking into AI?

The Rush For AI

Source: Lynda

Unity Software Inc.

Unity (Unity Software Inc.) has been training AI from synthetic image datasets. Unity is primarily known for their 3D gaming engine, very similar to the well known Unreal Engine. When video game developers are working on pulling in the users more and creating highly interactive games and environments, they can rest easy knowing this AI tech exists. The primary responsibility is for rendering the visuals in most games – i.e., the virtual worlds that we all have spent countless hours wandering with no real intent at one time or another. Check out more on Unity below:

Unity - Unity
Unity is the ultimate game development platform. Use Unity to build high-quality 3D and 2D games, deploy them across mobile, desktop, VR/AR, consoles or the Web, and connect with loyal and enthusiastic players and customers.

Casino Gaming

Casino gaming  - yes, we're talking about those darn machines and tables that we can never seem to win at. In the early stages of the pandemic, casinos all across the world took a major hit (for once), and were beginning to look into ways to increase their margins and make up for some of the lost dough over many months. Enter the use of AI in casinos.  The thought of this is scary to begin with. As a customer, we all know as soon as we step foot in these places that


But, now they want AI too!? This is where it gets interesting, with big brother-esque vibes. The primary use of the AI is to basically track gamblers, i.e. find out what tables you flock too, any patterns in your betting, how much time you spend in the casino, and even what drinks you prefer. And for the card counters out there, this could lead to trouble as the AI is also used for all security surveillance. But how is this really tied to gaming? Well, table games in a way, but even player patterns when it comes to our favorite slot machines. That's right, the worst odds in the casino but we are all happy to lose money at this pace XD.


Tired of Toxicity? Intel might have a solution for you. Thanks to Intel's latest work with AI, they recently announced their latest technology called Bleep (props to whoever came up with this brilliant name). Bleep is a tool that aims to cut down on toxicity found all across the gaming community.  Primarily, it aims to cut down on audio forms of aggression, and has many different sliders that allow you to filter the different levels of toxicity you want to be exposed to. We're shocked this is a thing, and it's truly remarkable it can be accomplished, however there are many improvements to be made. While most games have blacklists for words or phrases, it would be amazing for those rare scenarios where you aren't being aggressive or mistype something and let the AI in the background decide what your intentions may have been. That's right, why not apply this same tech to games with in-game text chat?

Source: TeePublic; The worst kinds of teammates

Check out some of the filters that are available below...

Source: Intel

Again, we can't even begin to understand how this is accomplished, but we hope that it is truly in good faith. While toxicity can be annoying and funny at different times, there are times where we want to have that crazy competitive atmosphere, and sometimes you got to light the other team up! We're sure it will take time to find the balance, but this is an interesting step in leaning on AI.

Take Aways

AI is certainly here to stay, and as developers continue to evolve their game creation and aim for the next best thing, we will see more and more of AI inclusion in gaming. While we are just breaching the surface, the Quick Drop Squad looks forward to what's next.  For better or for worse, we shall see if AI truly will one day take over.

We hope you enjoyed the read today and have a great rest of your weekend!

Cheers, Quick Drop Squad out!

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