Spotlight Saturday - EKWB May 1, 2021

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Let us be the first to welcome you to May! Did you know today is National Beer Pong Day? Since 2006, the first Saturday in May marks the celebration of the collegiate past time.  Whether you're playing a 6-cup bunch or a 10-cup spread, everyone knows NBA Jam rules go without saying.  So send those balls back, drink before you shoot, and never forgot to let'em know you're "heating up"!

Today, we're taking a dive into - EKWB

Who are they?

EKWB (Edvard König Water Blocks)

Source: EKWB

Named after its founder Edvard König, EK is a premium liquid cooling solutions provider. Officially founded in 2003, the company is an early pioneer in PC liquid cooling. It quickly became synonymous with innovative product design, quality engineering, and premium aesthetics, gaining a reputation among PC enthusiasts for transforming ordinary computers into extraordinary machines.

For two decades, EK grew to become the global leader in the development and manufacturing of high-end liquid cooling solutions for the consumers, as well as various industrial applications.

Today, EK is the most comprehensive provider of premium, high-quality custom liquid cooling loop products, expanding its portfolio to AIO coolers, prebuilt gaming PCs, and professional workstations.

EK has leveraged partnerships with many of the industry’s top names and technology brands co-designing, co-developing, and co-branding solutions that push performance boundaries through liquid cooling.

EK constantly strives to bring the best possible liquid cooling experience to its customers all around the world.

Function with Form

EK's Stunning Aesthetic

Source: EKWB

EK's product set spans custom loops, liquid cooling kits, AIO liquid coolers, and even prebuilts.  Each produced with performance as the prime directive; aesthetic design is not left up in the air with beautifully machined parts, very clean lines, and well accented with RBG without tipping into the gaudy territory. Check out their online shop, and if you're enticed to go the custom loop route, they've developed an easy to use configurator to plug in your system's hardware ensuring compatibility by piece while covering all the absolute essentials to start you on your custom cooling journey.

Source: EKWB
Source: EKWB
Source: EKWB
Source: EKWB

Check out Designs by IFR's recent All Asus Water Cooled build featuring a slew of EKWB products.

The Juice

The Benefits of Water Cooling

Source: Tom's Hardware

So sure, they look dope. Toss in some RGB fans and you're looking at a work of art. But the benefits of water cooling span well past the aesthetic pickup. So what's really the bang for your hard earned buck?

  • Cooling Efficiency - Water cooling is much more efficient than air. Water transfers heat more effectively because of its high thermal conductivity. Going with liquid cooling route means your computer is operating at a consistently cool temperature, while a fan typically only kicks into gear as the computer overheats.
  • Improved Overclocking Potential - Overclocking can damage your computer if you are not careful, because it increases the heat generated by your system. Liquid cooling keeps your overclocked hardware cooler, so you will not crash your computer or damage your hardware because of overheating.
  • Reduced Noise - The self-contained loop of water cools quietly. With the cooling system taking on most of the work, a reduced number of fans is necessary for overall cooling efficiency. Moreover, the fans you do utilize in the case will ramp up less often allowing them to run at a lower RPM for most of operation.
  • Great for Warmer Climates - If you live in a location with high ambient temperatures, adding a hardware-heavy gaming PC into the mix can be a recipe for overheating and loud fans. Because the water system works on an ongoing basis, those working in naturally warmer spaces do not have to compromise on performance.
  • Isolated Component Cooling - Liquid cooling adds the ability to isolated specific components much easier than a fan. Options include the hard drives, CPUs, GPUs, RAM, Mother Boards, and power supplies.
  • Not just for gamers - Gaming seems to get all the attention when it comes to cooling for performance, but anyone working with electronics can benefit from the power of water cooling. This efficient approach to protecting your gear means anyone performing more strenuous tasks will not have to worry about their computer overheating and potentially wiping out hours of work. Leading video editing programs like Adobe Premiere Pro and Sony Vegas are hard on your computer and require a powerful rig if you want things to run smoothly. Moreover, keeping all the components of your PC cool will extend the life of your hardware, squeezing cost efficiency out of every purchase.

Check out LTT's recent video on the impact EK's new GPU Backplate on 3090s.


We're under no impression we haven't dipped our toes into enthusiast territory with enthusiast prices.  Especially in an environment where PC hardware is already at a premium, it's hard to justify outfitting your new build with a full custom liquid cooling loop at the point of construction.  But for those with established builds knowing it's going to be a hot minute before they're going to be roused to buy some new hardware, EK's line of custom liquid cooling parts and kits could be the cathartic release we need to get through the rest of quarantine. And if you're diving into the liquid cooling space with both feet, it's definitely not an area where you want to skimp on price.

So get out there, enjoy the sun, play some beer pong, and keep that hardware cool.

Until Monday, cheers!

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