Spotlight Saturday - Quick Drop Media Apr 3, 2021

Quick Drop Media

Welcome to this week's Spotlight Saturday. Every Saturday we will look to spotlight a different gaming company or organization. DM us on Discord or Twitter if you have any other groups you would like us to cover!

Did you know today is International Pillow Fight Day? We'll admit, most of these international days are nonsensical and baseless; we kinda get a kick out of them. We didn't expect to find Pillow Fight Day to have real roots, taking place the first Saturday in April every year, where in 2008 over 25 cities around the world participated in the first "international flash mob".  New York saw over 5,000 heads take to the streets armed with their favorite head cushion in what was the world's largest flash mob to date. The literature on this was way more expensive than expected, and for any Community fans out there, the Pillows and Blankets episode is arguably the best in the series. But enough about ear pads, onto less serious business.

Today, we're taking a dive into - Quick Drop Media

Quick Drop Media, LLC

If you're reading this, we know that you know what Quick Drop is, but we've never taken the time to tell you more about our company and its founders. The Quick Drop Squad as we've affectionately named ourselves is made up of four founding heads: Anthony, Dom, Matt, and Tom; have you ever seen a collection of more bland dude names. Together the four of us wore many hats to get Quick Drop up and running, and we continue to support each other as time goes on.  Content is a obviously a major focus for us, and luckily in the last 2 months we've been happy to add Anam to our core.  Likewise, she is also finding space for many hats atop her head, not the least of which is the content planning and the absolute lion's share of the writing. Keep an eye out for more positions to hit job boards in the near future!  We'll definitely be shouting it out in future newsletters.

Why did we start Quick Drop?

The Quick Drop Squad is a team of avid gamers that through both our personal and professional lives have maintained a great pulse on the video game and content creation/streaming industries. We believe this industry is and will continue to be one of the fastest growing in the world. Esports is HUGE. We always complained that there was no gaming news source that could provide us with a quick, entertaining, and digestible daily read. So why not solve this gap in the market!? If only a short & digestible daily newsletter existed like this in the market?

Enter @MorningBrew- a very successful daily email newsletter that covers Wall St. to Silicon Valley. We've been avid readers of this newsletter for many years and it is second to none! Fortunately, Morning Brew founders @austin_rief & @businessbarista are transparent around their successful business. (Thank you!) We thought  if we could take theirs and @tobydoyhowell lessons and apply it to the gaming industry, we could create a high quality business!

During COVID, we decided to start Quick Drop Media publishing our website & first tweet Dec 20th! We were shocked at the reception growing our daily newsletter, Daily Drop, and twitter acct to 700 followers before our 2/1 launch! Outside of mastering our craft, we've focused on partnerships with content creators, gaming industry companies, and Esports teams! They will be key to our success... provided we continue to distribute a high quality email newsletter. The gaming/CC industry is extremely scalable and our hope is that this will grow the Daily Drop. The scalable nature is largely due to the community on platforms like: @discord @teamguilded @Twitch @FacebookGaming @YouTubeGaming @glimesh @GamerizedLLC, we could go on...

Content, content, content! Morning Brew sports an absolutely ridiculous 45%+ open rate! We're of the mind it's completely based off their second-to-none digestible content. And so, our focus continues to be on delivering the highest quality gaming email newsletter, our Daily Drop! We strive for our Quick Droppers to be able to digest all of the relevant gaming insights in an entertaining < 5 minute read!

Our Future

Monday was a big day for the Quick Drop Squad. After 2+ months of work on the tech side, Monday marked the first day our mailing distribution service was brought mostly in-house, and is completely open source.

Why does this matter to you? This will allow us to be more flexible and provide Quick Droppers with the ability to tailor components of our Daily Drop to meet their interests. We have tons of plans in the pipeline, but we are going to slowly roll these out over time. In the near future, you will see us introduce a new type of content structure based on all of the feedback we've received from you all. In addition, we have some exciting new ideas on the horizon including a referral program! As always, please continue to share feedback and any ideas you may have with us on Twitter. And yes, we will hold up our end of rewarding those who help us grow and provide feedback to make the Daily Drop better.

We want to thank you for joining us as the early adopters and are thrilled about what we will do together to make the Daily Drop the worlds best daily gaming newsletter. We are only getting started. #WorldDomination

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