Stranger Drops Aug 24, 2021

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It's Strange Music Day! Honestly, we feel like what classifies music as 'strange' is rather objective, though. What is strange or odd to some may be beautiful and lifechanging to others. What kind of music would you consider 'strange'?

Today's Drop is a ~5 min read!


Twitch Streamers Plan A Boycott In Response To Increasing Hate Raids


On September 1st, many streamers are planning a #DayOffFromTwitch in response to the multiple hate raids. There was already a large rally around the hate raids during the rise of the #TwitchDoBetter hashtag, where multiple hate raid reports originally surfaced. Most of the reports were talking about how Twitch really hasn't done all that much in response to increasing levels of harassment. A hate raid by definition is when viewers use the platform's raid feature in bad faith to flood a channel in a large group with hostile language and hateful slurs. It has become a constant fear and issue among the current community, and it is extremely easy to get around the bans by just creating another account and doing the same thing over and over again.

This issue has mainly gotten worse in the past few months following Pride month. People have speculated that it is in response to Twitch's updated tag list, which added about 350 new tags classified by gender, race, nationality, ability, mental health, and sexual orientation. While it is great that we can now more easily find streamers from these different communities, racist and homophobic harassers can also find and raid streams without warning. What's even worse is that streamers have to put up with this constant fear of getting raided, and don't even get paid a fair amount for being on Twitch (revenue is split Twitch 70%/Creator 30%.)

Without more action, the raids will only continue to get worse. Will a boycott send enough of a message to Twitch, or will they just continue to do nothing more than acknowledge that the problem exists? Hopefully, we'll find out following the boycott.


Atlanta FaZe Wins CDL Championship 2021

Source: ATLFaZe

Atlanta FaZe won against Toronto Ultra 5:3 in the grand-final of Call of Duty League 2021: Playoffs.  The final tournament of this season ended so predictably as the strongest team of this season, the Atlanta FaZe, became the champion. They started CDL Championship 2021 from Winners' Round 2. On the way to the final, Atlanta FaZe crushed New York Subliners 3:0 and Dallas Empire 3:0, to meet with Toronto Ultra in the final.

Toronto Ultra started the match from confident victory on the first map, Moscow, beat opponent 250:175. Atlanta FaZe pulled out the victory on the second map, Express, 6:5. Further, Atlanta FaZe crushed Toronto Ultra on the third map, 3:0, and on the fourth - 250:78. Then both teams exchanged victories, and reduced everything to a 4:3 score in favor of the Atlanta FaZe. On the last map of this season, the guys from Atlanta FaZe turned out to be stronger, who beat the rival at Apocalypse 250:147.

The CDL Championship 2021 winners are:

1. Atlanta FaZe - $1,200,000
2. Toronto Ultra - $650,000
3. Dallas Empire - $300,000
4. Minnesota RØKKR - $150,000
5-6. OpTic Chicago - $75,000
5-6. New York Subliners - $75,000
7-8. Dallas Empire - $25,000
7-8. Dallas Empire - $25,000


Creator Of Stardew Valley Releases New Speedrun Tournament


The beloved farming simulator is getting its first official speedrunning tournament with a grand prize of $40,000. While there have been other speedruns of the game, this is the first one to be officially done by the creators themselves. This one also doesn't follow the traditional speedrun format that other competitions have had. Rather than try to complete the game, one of the game's most famous speedrunners came up with over 100 different challenges. In order to win, teams will have 3 hours to complete as many challenges as possible. Whoever completes the most challenges will win.

The tournament will consist of four teams of four players, each team competing collaboratively to see who can get all the challenges. Just a few of the many challenges include:

  • Finish the craft room - 10 points
  • Win ice fishing contest - 15 points
  • Give Pam a pale ale - 5 points
  • Give a loved gift at the feast of the winter star - 25 points
  • Reach level 120 in the mines - 10 points
  • Complete a monster eradication goal - 20 points
  • Obtain a trash hat (trash hat = best hat) - 10 points

While these may seem easy, there are about a hundred more that aren't. Luckily, players will also get 1 extra point for each item they ship throughout the game, plus a bonus 20 points for whichever team makes the most gold at the end. The strategy here then is to ship everything and anything they can find for maximum points. Lastly, there will be surprise challenges announced throughout the event for players to try out as well. We're excited as ever to see the different strategies and skills used to totally annihilate this game in the quickest way possible.

The event will occur on September 4th, 2021 at 9am PST/12pm EST. Be there or be square (or star)!


Classic Simpsons Game Gets A Fan Remaster

Source: IGN

TV shows and video games rarely go together. Once in while there is an exception to that rule. In 2003 cult classic The Simpsons: Hit & Run proved to bet that exception. In this open world GTA like game you play as a variety of characters as you explore the vibrant world of Springfield.

A fan decided to see how it would look in almost 20 years later. Reuben Ward has a YouTube channel where he takes games and remakes them on Unreal Engine 5. He recently did this polish for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. This was not a small upgrade to an area. Ward used AI-ked image resolution enhancement and photoshop to reskin the entire map to provide an entire overhaul to Springfield. He was not done there. There were upgrades to the user interface with ray tracing. Homer received some changes to how he functioned as well. A first-person mode was added just because he wanted to. This project was so well loved that Joe McGinn, lead designer on the original game, commented on impressiveness the project Ward eventually made this demo available to the public. Due to legal reasons, the game was hit with a copyright claim and taken down. Videos are still available of the game on the internet however.

The Simpsons: Hit & Run was a game fans will never forget. We live in an era where remasters and remakes are common, so maybe we will see a new version of the game in the future.

Peace out, Quick Droppers!

Daily Drop Credit: Anam, Carmine, Mark, and the Founders.

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