Feature Friday - SykoPlayz Feb 12, 2021

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Welcome to this week's Feature Friday!

We will be covering one of our favorite content creators, SykoPlayz

Syko is one of the most entertaining and memorable content creators in the gaming community. He started his streaming career on Beam, became a partner on Mixer and now streams as a partner on Twitch. The three words we would use to describe Syko are: mask, headshot, & community.

  • Memorable - Syko is one of the easiest gamers to recognize given his extremely deep voice and bone chilling mask
  • Headshot - BOOM HEADSHOT! No matter the FPS/TPS Syko is playing, the man is destined for multiple headshots
  • Community - Syko has built an excellent community, The Asylum. He is the definition of a family man with his wife, Mrs. Syko, as his biggest supporter and top moderator. He preaches positivity and endlessly looks for ways to support and play with The Asylum. We would argue SykoPlayz and The Asylum are second to none!

Be sure to check out SykoPlayz on Twitch.


Getting to know SykoPlayz

Source: SykoPlayz, The Asylum

1) Who is your favorite Streamer?

“I enjoy many content creators, but I have to say my favorite streamer is TimTheTatman. I even have a Timmy funko pop! I did just get my own funko pop too (pic below) - it's Syko!”

Source: SykoPlayz Funko pop!

2) What is your favorite weapon?

“It has to be a sniper. By time you see I have one, it’s too late.”

3) What is your goal in 2021?

“Continue to spread positivity to my community, The Asylum, and become the greatest content creator in the world.”

4) What is an interesting fact(s) about you?

“I nearly beat the world record for most Warzone wins in a row (22 - record was 24). I am also known for giving the best hugs in the industry.”

5) What is your favorite piece of streaming equipment and why?

"It has to be the Elgato stream deck by far! It is my favorite tool because it helps make streaming more of a production instead of just someone sitting in a chair playing games."


Syko Games

Source: Call of Duty Warzone, Gamingexploits

Syko is a variety streamer but frequently plays shooters. If you check him out on his twitch our bet is you will probably see him tearing up the Verdansk with The Asylum!

He may be the best Warzone player we have seen - as we mentioned he nearly broke the world record at the time. If you don’t believe me on his skillz, here is a sample video from his YT page that highlights his 23K win carrying his community. More recently, SykoPlayz has been tearing up Rust. Well, let's just say he's doing his best to survive. However, it is quite entertaining when he dies in the game - enjoy the rage!


SykoPlayz Streaming Equipment

Source: SykoPlayz Streaming Equipment

We thought it would be worthwhile to take a look into SykoPlayz streaming equipment & gear. For those who don't know, SykoPlayz games with a mouse and fragchuck - info below!

  1. Fragchuck for left hand - you can find it here
  2. Mouse: Logitech g502 light speed
  3. 2 PCs: Intel i9 / 2080
  4. Earbuds: ZSN-Pro
  5. Lights: 2 Elgato key lights
  6. Other: GoXLR, and 3 Elgato Stream Deck (yes, 3!!!)
  7. Caffeine: GFUEL code “Syko”
Source: SykoPlayz Streaming Equipment

SykoPlayz is one of the most entertaining content creators PERIOD. He is always switching up his stream and making new/unique content for The Asylum to enjoy. Be sure to stop by on Twitch and check out his channel... And if you decide to Quick Drop with him in Verdansk - good luck! You're going to need it.

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