Tournaments and Tales Aug 23, 2021

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Tournaments, whether competitive or casual, are always an insane amount of fun. Whether you're playing to win or just having fun with your friends, tournaments are a great way to enjoy games. They're one of the driving forces for many PVP competitive games and of course the bane of Esports. What was the best tournament you ever played in?

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Smash World Tour Latin American Finals Showed Off Great Talent


The Smash World Tour is a massive global events spanning months with a culmination of all the best players from all around the world playing at the end of the year in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The tour started with a packed online qualifiers with all the best players competing.  We are currently in the regional finals. The players who top cut in the qualifiers are invited to in an in-person event where they aim to make it to the grand stage. This weekend the Latin American Finals happened, and some of the best players competed. MkLeo was the best player in the world pre-pandemic.  Maister, and Sonix were some of the best players in the online era. Spargo was ranked #1 online at the age of 15.

Only 6 players can secure there spot. However, they are looking for glory. It is the first in-person tournament for many of these players and they want to show that the online training meant something. On August 21st, 16 players faced off in 4 different groups. The top two from each group went to the winners bracket. The bottom two went to loser starting the bracket run with one loss under the belt. MkLeo and Spargo met in Winners Semis with MkLeo winning in game five. Maister and his Game & Watch went on a tear in the losers bracket falling down there early. Earning his spot in Grand Finals beating Sonix who sent him to the losers bracket. There, he had to beat MkLeo twice for a chance to have the winner of the tournament. However, MkLeo showed why he is the best player at Smash Ultimate wins the whole tournament with his Byleth.

With the end of the tournament, the players representing Latin America is MkLeo, Maister, Sonix, Cloudy, Spargo, and Yei. Some of the best players in the game are ready to play again in December.


Gambit Wins VALORANT EMEA Stage 3 Challengers Playoffs

Source: valesports

Gambit Esports won against SuperMassive Blaze 3:1 in the grand-final of VALORANT Champions Tour 2021: EMEA Stage 3 Challengers Playoffs. The final for Gambit started off badly as they lost the first map to SuperMassive Blaze 13:1. Not without difficulties, Gambit managed to beat the opponent on the second map, snatching a victory with a score of 13:11. This was enough to return to the game with renewed vigor and defeat the opponent on the third map, Bind, with a score of 13:5.

The fourth card has become just a formality. Gambit Esports was unstoppable, while SuperMassive Blaze dropped his hands, and they could not offer any resistance to the opponent. Gambit beat the opponent on the fourth map 13:3, and with a final score of 3:1 they became champions.

Match stats


The VCT: EMEA Stage 3 Challengers Playoffs winners are:

1. Gambit - €32,500 + Masters Berlin
2. SuperMassive Blaze - €15,500 + Masters Berlin
3. ACEND - €10,000 + Masters Berlin
4. G2 Esports - €7,500 + Masters Berlin
5-6. Team Liquid - €4,500
5-6. Giants Gaming - €4,500
7-8. forZe - €2,500
7-8. Guild Esports - €2,500
9-12. Oxygen Esports - €1,500
9-12. FunPlus Phoenix - €1,500
9-12. Fire Flux Esports - €1,500
9-12. Natus Vincere - €1,500


Do Games And TV Really Mix?

Source: Bethesda

Fallout is currently getting its own TV spinoff. The producers have currently let out some new teaser details that'll likely get fans hooked and waiting for more. It's being produced through Amazon by Lucy Joy and Jonathan Nolan. The producers have stated "it is just a gonzo, crazy, funny, adventure and a mindf*** like none you've ever seen before." Fallout has been a long-running and wildly successful game series, so there's no doubt that it would eventually get some sort of TV spinoff. While there is no current details for which part of the series the TV show will feature, there is speculation that it will revolve around either Fallout 3 or 4. However, we wonder if the show will actually do the games justice?

Games are popular because people can interact and explore the world and surroundings before them rather than just stare at it. RPG's may have a lot of story-telling, but they also have plenty of other elements to keep users entertained. A TV show needs to have very interesting and heavy pot in order to keep attention, and often times games just don't have enough in them to create a TV show. If you look at movies like Doom or the Super Mario Bros TV series, there really isn't a lot to go off of with games and they end up grasping at straws to get some form of a plot happening. Regardless, we're anxious to see what will happen with this new show and are awaiting details in the future.


No More Waiting For No More Heroes 3

Source: Nintendo

Travis Touchdown has finally returned in the third installment of the No More Heroes franchise. "The evil Prince FU and his band of alien assassins are itching to conquer Earth, and the only thing standing in their way is Travis Touchdown and his crew. Armed with his trusty Beam Katana, new tech, and some killer wrestling moves, Travis must battle to the top of the Galactic Superhero Rankings and put an end to the invasion."

Start in the town of Santa Destroy, a blooming tourism hotspot that grew from a shady, small town of secrets. Players can explore 5 different areas using either fast travel or a motorbike. Plus, there are a wide array of different features players can use throughout the game, including:

  • Beam Katana
  • Death Glove
  • Slash Reel
  • Full-Armor Travis
  • DonMai Sushi
  • Various Wrestling Moves

You can preorder it now through Nintendo, and it will be available on August 27th!

Monday's over, congrats!

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