Tasty Thursday Jul 8, 2021

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Who said gaming can't mix with food? Well, gaming equipment definitely can't, but the content sure can! Games like Cooking Mama, Overcooked!, or even Diner Dash have all been well-loved food-themed classics in the gaming world. Let's hope they stay that way!

Today's Drop is a ~5 min read!


Set 'Sale' With Savings!

Source: Wired
  1. Mario Tennis Aces - $36.99 (Originally $59.99)
  2. Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition - $2.99 (Originally $19.99)
  3. PC & Racing Gaming Chair - $81.99 (Originally $139.99)
  4. Superlight Gaming Mouse - $39.99 (Originally $49.99)
  5. PIKTEK TKL Gaming Keyboard - $20.39 (Originally $35.99)

*Sales may change following Drop release date


CS:GO Sees Less Player Activity After Valve Began Charging $15 for Ranked

Source: talkesports.com

The new anti-cheating method may be costing CS:GO some of its player base. In a recent patch from June 3rd, the Prime status for CS:GO is now only available through purchase for $15. Previously, players could grind through the game and earn the status, allowing them to enter ranked play. However, multiple accounts of cheating and spamming have caused the developers to reconsider ways to keep troublemakers out of Prime and ranked games.

Unfortunately, this has caused a significant decrease of about 16% from their player base, but that's not all that surprising. Games often have activity fluctuations fairly often, but this time around it was clearly a result of the changes. Players who had been steadily working towards Prime now no longer have anything to work towards as they can simply buy Prime. However, it is a decent strategy in trying to remove cheaters and spam accounts to allow players a better experience in the game.

Luckily, players who already earned the Prime status weren't affected. They were instead grandfathered in and did not have to pay for Prime. However, it will be a roadblock for many players who are either too young to purchase Prime, or can't afford it. Regardless, CS:GO is still one of the top games played despite the setback, and it's likely that a lot of the players who left during that drop in activity were simply people trying to abuse the system or spam.


Fnatic Beats Team Liquid in VCT: EU

Source: Riot Games

Fnatic started their journey in the Valorant Champions Tour: Europe Stage 3 Challengers 1 with a victory over Team Liquid 2:1. Fnatic confidently won the first half 8:4. Team Liquid took the first three rounds in the next half, before Fnatic responded with their own three round streak. At the climax of the first map, Team Liquid managed to level the score 11:11, but they lacked the strength to do more. Fnatic put the squeeze on the opponent, winning the Breeze map 13:11.

On the second map, the fighting duo Team Liquid 'Scream' and 'soulcas' simply destroyed their opponent. They won in the second half on the Bind map with a score of 13:9. The outcome of the third map was similar to that of the first, where Team Liquid won the first half 7:5, then won three more rounds and were leading 10:7. As many as six rounds in a row from Fnatic ensured them a victory with a score of 13:11 on the third map and the final 2:1 in the match.

Match stats

Source: vlr.gg

In the next match, Fnatic will meet with Guild Esports. Valorant Champions Tour 2021: Europe Stage 3 Challengers 1 takes place from 7th to 11th of July. The prize pool of the tournament is €35,000.


Ambitious New Assassin’s Creed in the Works

Ubisoft Forward July 2020 Recap

Assassin’s Creed has been a staple franchise for the French publisher Ubisoft since its initial release in 2007. They have been consistently releasing a new game every year or so since, letting players explore different historical settings in unique ways. As different games rise in popularity, older companies adapt their franchises to these trends.

Assassin’s Creed is looking to become a live online service. Assassin’s Creed is mainly a single player experience with smaller multiplayer experiences. This new entry, codename Assassin’s Creed Infinity, is looking to following the model of games such as Fortnite and Grand Theft Auto V: Online. These games keep their core gameplay the same, but they add new features or events throughout the year. Sometimes they would change the map layout or create exclusive in-game items to keep players engaged over a long period of time while also providing the company a huge revenue boost.

Internal changes will also impact this game. After Ubisoft faced major backlash over the sexual misconduct reports last year, major changes happened within the company. They merged the Quebec and Montreal teams. In the past, each division worked on a different Assassin’s Creed game. Now they must work together to create the largest game in the franchise.

The video game industry is rapidly evolving and adapting. Companies are constantly producing experiences to keep players engaged. Seeing what Ubisoft is planning is not a surprise seeing what games have seen massive success lately. Hopefully, this Assassin’s Creed will be their best.


Pixelated Provisions Serves Up Delicious Gaming Recipes

Source: Pixelated Provisions

Admit it, whenever you see food in games it always looks delicious. Props to all the artists out there who make in-game foods so gorgeous that you might just lick your screen. What if there was a way that you could actually make that food in real life? Well, there is! Among multiple different food blogs is Pixelated Provisions, a food blog with recipes solely from video games. From Elven Stew to Cranberry Candy, the blog features recipes from all sorts of games, each one unique and delectable.

The blog was started by one Victoria Rosenthal, and avid gamer and chef. Victoria is the author behind many official game cookbooks, as well as the Pixelated Provisions blog. She posts about one recipe a month, each with a lovely image, information about the game, and of course the ingredients and how to cook them. Be sure to check out her blog and find your favorite recipe. Let us know which one is your favorite!

Cook up some awesome gaming snacks in preparation for Friday!

Daily Drop Credit: Anam, Carmine, Mark, and the Founders.

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