Testing The Waters Aug 19, 2021

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Free trials and beta testing may be one of the our favorite things. A bold statement? Maybe. However, you can't deny that they allow you to try out everything not only to see how you like it, but just to get a sneak peek glimpse! What full version of a game are you waiting for?

Today's Drop is a ~5 min read!


New Pokémon Presents Provides Updates

Pokémon Legends: Arceus — All confirmed Pokémon (so far) | iMore
Source: Pokémon

Throughout the year, Pokémon releases games, updates, and expansions for all of their properties. The end of the calendar year is usually the launch of their main title game, which is usually announced in February. The Pokémon Company released a 30 minute presentation showcasing more of their major projects.

Their mobile games continue to get support. Last month Pokémon Unite was released on the Switch with great reception. On September 22nd, the game will be available on mobile. If enough people pre-download the game, an exclusive Pikachu skin will be available. There was also a hint towards Mamoswine and Sylveon being included as new playable characters on the roster in the future. The game already had two patches since release, so future support seems promising. The company is taking Pokémon Café Mix and revamping it into a whole new experience. They are also adding new events and Pokémon to Pokémon Go and Pokémon Masters EX to keep players engaged and having fun.

The two new Switch games showed a ton of footage. Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl are the new major games being released this year, and are a total re-imagination of the original game 15 years ago. While it follows the same plot and structure, they added more to the contest and the infamous underground to find and interact with returning Pokémon. This game is not developed by the main Pokémon Company, so it is fun to how other companies create this familiar world. The Legends: Arceus was the major surprise this year. It appears to be a Breath of the Wild-type Pokémon game. Players explore an open world and catch and battle different Pokémon in a region from the past. We saw new forms and evolutions that only exist in this region. This bold new step is exciting for Pokemon and something the fans always wanted.

25 years is a long time for the highest grossing media franchise of all time. Seeing them appeal to all sorts of gamers is refreshing. These games will be released soon, so it is something fun to add to the list of games we play.


Team Liquid Qualifies for League of Legends 2021 World Championship

Source: TeamLiquidLoL

Team Liquid was LCS's second team, securing a spot in the League of Legends 2021 World Championship. They beat TSM 3:1 and reached Winners' Finals of League Championship Series 2021 Summer. Team Liquid took 5th place in the group stage, guaranteeing a place in the LEC 2021 quarterfinals in which Team Liquid took victory over Cloud9 and reached the semifinals, where TSM waited for them.

The first map turned out to be very difficult for both teams. The teams exchanged initiatives, but after a successful fight, Team Liquid managed to finish this 43-minute map. The second map turned out to be much easier for Liquid, who got a taste of victory and won the second game in 28 minutes. But Team Liquid did not manage to win a clean sheet, as TCM managed to win the third map, and narrow the gap in the series to 1:2.

But once they stumbled, Team Liquid did not make the same mistake. Akin to the second map, Team Liquid managed to upset the TCM fans with a 3:1 victory.

The 2021 World Championship will take place in five cities in China in autumn this year. 24 teams from all over the world will fight for the $2,225,000.


Epic Game Store Beta Tests Self-Publishing Feature

Source: shaksgame.com

Steam Direct will have a new friend joining it in the self-publishing game. Steam Direct is a great self-publishing feature that "is designed to provide a streamlined, transparent, and affordable route for new game developers from anywhere in the world to bring games to Steam." Now, Epic Games is getting into the game with its own similar feature.

Set to release in its beta phase, the feature allows new indie game developers to publish their games on to the Epic Games store for anyone to buy. This will make it much easier for developers to add their games, because before they needed to essentially work with Epic Games every step of the way directly if they had any desire to get their game approved to launch on the store. There will still be a publishing fee, as with Steam Direct, though Epic has not released any information as to just how much it will cost to publish a game on their store.

This is big news, as it means individual developers have another platform they can release their games on with ease. More exposure means more small developers supported, which will ultimately mean more games for us in the future. Win-win!


Is Monetization Killing World of Warships?

Source: World of Warships

World of Warships has recently been under fire for its aggressive monetization tactics. Longtime players and newbies alike are all frustrated with the amount of microtransactions that are needed in order to enjoy the game. Should the game keep this up, it is likely that it will start to see a decline in its player base. Lots of games have microtransactions and 'pay to win' vibes, so why is this instance suddenly getting so much attention?

The main issue is that World of Warships has shifted most of its shopping from buying straight items to random loot boxes and gatchas. They were also very quiet about switching items from being able to buy with in game currency to only being found in loot boxes. Players that would usually either grind or buy precisely what they wanted are now dealing with nothing but rolling and hoping for the best. However, games like Hearthstone are completely monetized only by buying packs, which give you random cards. So why has that game never been under fire like this? The short answer is that Hearthstone is a game where players can very easily grind to get the cards they want without relying on random luck. Crafting will allow them to get the exact card they want, and the game has multiple events and modes that net free packs. So players that can't afford to buy packs can still have fun and get exactly what they want easily.

World of Warships has lost over 20 prominent players, and is on course to lose more if its shady monetization practices continue.

See you all on Friday!

Daily Drop Credit: Anam, Carmine, Mark, and the Founders.

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