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Sony has always been a beloved developer. They've been known not only for their iconic games, but also their awesome consoles. With other gaming companies like Nintendo on the rise, will Sony be able to keep up in the future? We hope so!

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Tencent Aims to Limit Minors Gaming

Technologies and Trends of Mobile Game Development
Source: Tencent

One of the largest Chinese tech companies, Tencent, is planning to use facial recognition to prevent their users under 18 from playing past 10 pm. This is the results of rules set forth by the Chinese government to be preventive in video game addiction.

There have been strict restrictions on gaming in China. In 2019, China established that for people under 18 they cannot play video games between 10 pm and 8 am. On top of that, there is a 90 minute cap to play during the weekdays, and there is monthly limits on in-game microtransactions. Most of these rules are applied to mobile gaming, and that is where Tencent comes in. They are implementing a system called “Midnight Patrol” to identify minors who play late at night to kick them off immediately. This program will be integrated in over 60 Tencent owned titles. The scanned faces will be cross-referenced with a government database. If there are mistakes with the system, the player can resubmit their face. Tencent has been testing this software out for a few years now as they learned how gamers attempted to fool the system.

Ethically concerns aside, this is a fascinating development in the tech industry. Companies are learning new ways to monitor and be a part of the gaming experience. Tencent is a massive company in the East, and their work in the gaming industry will start to have massive ripple effects.


Sentinals Victorious Over Gen.G in VCT: NA


The Sentinals started their way in the Valorant Champions Tour: Stage 3 Challengers with volitional victory over Gen.G 2:1. On the first map, Bind, Sentinals decidedly won first half 8:4. But then Gen.G displayed a phenomenal game, first leveling the score, and then putting the squeeze on the opponent, winning the first map 13:11.

On the larger map, unfortunately, Gen.G was not enough. Sentinels renewed their status as the favorite, confidently beat the opponent on the second map 13: 7 and on the third map 13:9.

In the next match, the Sentinels will meet with Xset. Valorant Champions Tour 2021: North America Stage 3 Challengers 1 takes place from the 8th to 11th of July. The prize pool of the tournament is $50,000.


Highlights From Sony's PlayStation Event


After a relatively quiet showing during E3, Sony's State of Play event left us with plenty of game news and updates to be excited about.

  • Moss: II has been given an announcement trailer, and looks amazing so far. The trailer shows a fun, exciting setting and seems to be a good development from the first game
  • Tribes Of Midgard released some more info as well as a trailer, and it looks like it's shaping up to be an action-packed adventure. It's set to release on 7.27.21
  • Arcadegeddon, a new shooter game, is finally out on early release from the PlayStore. The game is a colorful, fun-filled FPS and is set for release in 2022
  • SIFU, an upcoming brawler, is still catching the eyes of many. However, it has been delayed and will no longer be released anywhere near its original time frame
  • JETT: The Far Shore is set to release later this year with an all new twist on a sci-fi adventure
  • Death Stranding will arrive on the PS5 on September 24th, 2021. There is also set to be a 'Directors' Cut' mode players can purchase for $10, and includes a new story, missions, and racing.

While we were expecting a little more from Sony this year, we're definitely excited for the games set to release soon. Let's hope that their next event may include information about the PS5 and their other consoles, or perhaps news of exact release dates for some of their games.


This Is Why You Don't Play God. Or "Godus".


Godus is a game where you can literally play God. Sculpting the world to your wildest dreams, get your followers to do whatever you say, all of it, sounds pretty great. Except that the game is the 9th worst game on all of Steam. Why, you ask?

Well, for starters the developer basically abandoned the game. He'd already done the hardest part with the AI, but decided not to go further with any progress and leaving the game in early access limbo. The game had also been completely reworked to fit the specifics of a mobile game format, but it was still on PC. This meant that players were now given less than what they had before, and were now playing what was essentially a different game. The game became boring, mundane, and nothing more than a grinding mess. Players were constantly waiting for 'the fun to appear' and were disappointed time and time again.

Finally, the game did not live up to its kickstarter promises, as admitted by the developer. The promises for multiple game features were never fulfilled, leaving players empty-handed and angry over their waste of money. The game is a perfect example of what could have been, as the premise of it was actually great. You can still find the game on the Steam store but as always, buy at your own risk.


This Week's Merch Favorites

Source: Digital LA
  1. Poseable Piranha Plant Lamp
  2. Zelda Hand Crank Music Box
  3. COD Metal Paladone Coasters
  4. Hearthstone Arena Key Keychain
  5. Fortnite Llama Loot Piñata
  6. WoW Horde Tavern Mug

We hope you had a wonderful week. Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

Daily Drop Credit: Anam, Carmine, Mark, and the Founders.

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