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$GME to the moon, again?

Source: YahooFinance. This is not investment advice.

Gamestop ($GME) - Gamestop closed the Monday with a 13% pickup in lockstep with AMC Entertainment Holdings ($AMC) lending credence to renewed interest from the speculative traders on Reddit.  Both stocks outperforming the market on an otherwise slow trading day.

Roblox Corp. ($RBLX) - Roblox continues to surge after earnings released last week.  Average daily active users for the quarter were up 79% year over year with hours engaged hit up 98% year over year. The company said the jump was primarily driven by 104% growth in engagement outside the U.S., and 128% growth from users older than age 13.

Microsoft ($MSFT) - Microsoft closed Monday with a modest loss amid an overall down market day.  The stock underperformed when compared to some of its competitors Monday, as Apple Inc. ($AAPL) fell 0.93%, and Alphabet Inc. ($GOOGL) rose 0.46%.

Activision Blizzard ($ATVI) - Monday marked a second consecutive day of losses for Activision, down a modest 1% after their earnings release on Friday.  They have a ridiculous growth strategy however, adding over 100 million highly engaged users to the CoD franchise since early 2020 with the help of a free-to-play model and mobile offerings.  Management is looking to pivot the approach to other franchises within the company which may bode well for the stock's future performance, but not the players wallet.


Atlanta FaZe Wins Call of Duty League 2021: Stage 3 Major

Source: Call of Duty League
Source: Call of Duty League

In the Grand Final of Call of Duty League 2021: Stage 3 Major, Atlanta FaZe beat the New York Subliners 5:2. For Acritys and co, this completes their second Major victory in a row. Previously, Atlanta FaZe won against Dallas Empire 5:2 in the Grand Final of CDL 2021 Stage 2 Major.

On the way to the finals, Atlanta FaZe beat Toronto Ultra twice and Dallas Empire once. In the Winner's Finals, FaZe lost against the New York Subliners, but was able to seal the deal in the  last round of play.

Call of Duty League 2021: Stage 3 Major Final Bracket

Source: Liquipedia

Call of Duty League 2021: Stage 3 Major Finalists:

1. Atlanta FaZe - $200,000
2. New York Subliners - $100,000
3. Toronto Ultra - $80,000
4. Chicago OpTic - $40,000
5-6. Florida Mutineers - $20,000
5-6. Los Angeles Thieves - $20,000
7-8. Dallas Empire - $10,000
7-8. London Royal Ravens - $10,000
9-10. Los Angeles Guerrillas - $0
9-10. Minnesota RØKKR - $0
11-12. Seattle Surge - $0
11-12. Paris Legion - $0

Call of Duty League 2021: Stage 4 will take place from the 27th of May to the 13th of June. 12 Teams split into two groups of 6 across three weeks. Home Series will be used to determine seeding in each Major for all 12 Teams.


PlayStation Player Celebration Kickoff


Play your favorite games, and earn rewards by doing it! The PlayStation Player Celebration is an event kicking off tomorrow in celebration of you, the players! Rewards will be given all throughout the week as players complete challenges and collect hours of play and trophies. Prizes include 2 new, unique PS4 themes, as well as tons of new exclusive avatars. However, the way players will get rewards is by working together. As players continue to amass trophies and hours, meters will go up to allow them to attain more prizes.

How to Play:
1. Sign up on their website here.

2. Play games and watch the meter grow. The rewards can be earned by playing solo, or with friends who have also registered.

3. Earn trophies. You can earn up to 6 trophies a week to count towards the goal

4. Collect your prizes!

Stage one of the event ends on May 24th, 2021. Be sure to check the website linked above for updates on the goals, and make sure you play your part to earn those rewards.


Twitch To Change Subscription Prices


Twitch will now be factoring in a user's country of residence when calculating their subscription costs. The company has reported that since a user's country of residence is generally correlated with their cost of living, subscription costs should be altered to reflect that. What does that mean for most users? For most of us, the cost for subscriptions will be going down. The findings for their studies on this warrant the change, as the consistent pricing means that users from other countries may not be able to afford the same price as others. According to Twitch, the number of users with subscriptions in Europe and Asia is about 50% lower than in North America, while that number is about 80% lower in Latin America. Hopefully, the price adjustment will allow for more people in those countries to be able to afford the subscription.

This all sounds great! Is there a downside? Unfortunately, everything has its pros and cons. The price change may drastically affect the income of Twitch streamers. Twitch partners receive 50% of the monthly subscription fee, while Twitch itself takes home most of the rest. Subscribers who pay for this service will receive multiple perks, and these will increase depending on the tier of their subscription. With the changes in pricing, however, there will be a change in the monthly fee and thus a change in their income. Hopefully, the increase in subscribers will help with the decrease in income.


Gaming Soundtracks Released This Week


No game is complete without its music! Here are some soundtracks for our favorite games that were just released:

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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