Spotlight Saturday - VIVO May 8, 2021

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Welcome to this week's Spotlight Saturday. Every Saturday we will look to spotlight different gaming companies, organizations, or top news. DM us on Discord or Twitter if you have any other topics you would like us to cover!

Today checks off May 8th in our calendars - Brunch for Lunch day. Time to whip out your absolute favorite breakfast for brunch after you sleep in! This was a long tough week, and you've earned your favorite breakfast food.

What better way to get off your bum and move around a little than a standing desk for your work or personal needs?


VIVO Sit-Stand Desks

Source: VIVO

Picture this - it's Monday morning, you just slept for 8 hours (lol yea right). You get to work, and you sit down from 8am to 12pm until it's time for lunch. So you slept for 8 hours... and then sat for 4 more, before you ever really stood up and stretched out! No longer, VIVO has you covered. With their plethora of Sit-Stand desks and desk conversion kits, you can spend your morning the right way! Up and on your feet.  As always, make your coffee and you'll be good to go for that high morning productivity that we all seek but can never seem to find.

For the home and business professionals alike, VIVO has high quality products that suit your needs. When COVID originally hit and our workplace moved to 100% work from home, VIVO sprung forward as a great solution to carry us through the year – check out our setup below!

Source: Quick Drop Media

We can speak to the quality of the products – Pictured above is the VIVO White Electric Dual Motor Stand Up Desk Frame (Frame Only) (DESK-V120EW). The legs were purchased separately and an Ikea Gerton top was attached as the desk top. With a dual motor setup, quick and smoothless speed to raise and lower, and very quiet motors, this desk checked all of the boxes. The frame runs for $300 and can be topped with any choice of your liking to make a perfect "DIY" sit-stand solution.

If DIY isn't your thing, check out the below.


VIVO - AAA, not for cars!

Source: Vivo

Affordability, Accessibility and Adaptability. Just a few VIVO characteristics. But what about options? What about customization? What does VIVO offer? Check out their desk solutions below:

- [x] Manual crank desks if electronics aren't your thing
- [x] 2-motor desks for the majority of users out there
- [x] 3-motor desks for more weight capacity and for corner & L desks 
- [x] Converters for those looking to stand, but already own a good desk top
- [x] Kids desk - that's right, VIVO makes SAFE manual desks for children
- [ ] Customized for the enthusiast out there looking to complete their setup
Desk Solutions

Besides desks, VIVO has a wide variety of other products for your office or setup!

- [x] Desks
- [x] Monitor Mounts (Single, Dual, Triple, and Quadruple options!)
- [x] Laptop and Monitor Stands
- [X] VESA adapters for all of your mounting needs
- [x] Spare parts if you ever need to source specific components
- [x] Office Chairs
- [x] Cable Management Products
- [x] PC Mounts and Stands
- [x] Keyboard Tray Mounts
- [x] Drawers
- [x] Standing Mats and Footrests
- [x] Sanitation (especially during COVID!)
- [x] Whiteboards
- [x] Privacy Panels
- [x] and more products for any of your needs!
Other Vivo Product Lines

Apart from desk and monitor related products, VIVO also offers TV & Entertainment products specific to your TV, projecter, and speaker needs.


Designed by you for you. Pick and choose.

Now, let's take a closer look at the customizable options for their desks:

Frame Color - VIVO currently offers most of their frames in both Black and White. Be sure to check on their website to confirm the model you want supports the color of your choice!
Motor - 2 Motor for your normal standing desk, 3 motor for the corner and L-desk options. The 3 motor also boasts higher support for weight capacity.
Desk Top Color & Material - Currently, the VIVO desks can be purchased with the Desk Top of your choice. VIVO offers desk tops in: Black, White, Dark Walnut, Light Wood, Espresso and Vintage Brown
Desk Top Size - The current offerings for table tops are as follow:
--> 60"x 24"
--> 43" x 24"
--> 63" x 32" featuring a curved top pictured below:

Source: VIVO

Protection - All desk tops feature a 1 year manufacturer warranty so you can have ease of mind when using your desk. All electric standing frames come with a limited 3-year manufacturer warranty in case you run into any issues in your first 36 months.


Not breaking the bank

If you're already in the market for a sit-stand desk, you've probably begun to realize that most brands burn a hole in your wallet! Don't be feared into thinking you have to pay a premium for a quality made product that is truly available at a better price! One of the best ways to save on a sit-stand desk if you already own a desk at home or at your workplace is to utilize their desk converters. Check out this awesome 36" converter below for $155! Amazing quality at a very fair price:

Source: VIVO

We are not the type of people to push brands we don't believe in. Not only have we owned a sit-stand desk from VIVO, but we've also used their converter at our workplaces and can confirm, the quality is second to none. They offer a built in keyboard tray, support for up to 33 pounds, and are operated by dual pneumatic spring-force. One of the most underrated features of sit-stand brands is how long the products take to build.

Rest assured, the converters come fully assembled out of the box, and the sit-stand electric desks have a extremely easy setup with super instructional directions.


VIVO is a great, affordable solution.

They have every product to cover all of your needs. Their technical support is absolutely fantastic if you run into any issues with installation or questions regarding your order. We speak highly of VIVO, and only because we believe in them. Well done.

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