Weather or Not Sep 15, 2021

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Sometimes it's hard to remember that weather is actually a pretty important aspect of a game. In games like Genshin Impact, it can even affect your attacks and how you play, as rain can make your opponents wet while snow can force you to constantly look for heat sources. In some games it's nothing more than a small detail to make the game feel a little more real, but regardless, even the little things can make or break a game.

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Gotta Go Fast

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Natural Disasters And Their Impact On Gaming


Don't worry, the chances of a solar storm destroying our online gaming is low. However, one recent paper really had some of us pretty worried. The topic of natural disasters is something scientists have been focused on for a long time. Nowadays, we're wondering if gamers should be too. Recently, a paper floating around about an 'extreme solar storm' had surfaced, warning about the sun's rays bursting out large, magnetized particles into space. The particles have a chance of running into Earth's magnetic field, causing a massive disruption in the internet network and potentially destroying the internet until we can find some way to fix it. Luckily, this paper doesn't have any peer-reviews yet, and may even just be conjecture.

But, should we still be concerned with other natural disasters? The answer is kind of. Natural disasters are random, uncontrollable events that are inevitable, but they can have an impact on networks and electronics. However, in the event of a natural disaster, there really aren't going to be a lot of people worried about their game systems and rankings. If you are truly concerned though, the best thing to do would be to make sure everything is saved to a cloud and can be accessed once the disaster is over. In any case, we hope you all stay safe, dry, and warm during any weather issues.


Bad News Bears Wins CS:GO Fragadelphia 15


Bad News Bears beat Party Astronauts 3:2 in grand-final of Fragadelphia 15. Bad News Bears started this final from the score 1:0, because they reached grand-final through upper-bracket. On the first map, Inferno, Party Astronaut's pick, Bad News Bears showed confident attack, allowing them to take the first half 12:3. It was not difficult for them to finish the job, topping Inferno 16:5, and leading in this series 2:0.

But this annoying defeat only motivated Party Astronauts, who managed to win the first half on the Nuke map, 9:6. The audience expected that Bad News Bears to get angry now and sweep away their opponent in the second half, but it turned out the other way around. Suddenly, Party Astronauts crushed opponent in the second half 7:0, and won Nuke 16:6. The determining factor was the open frags, of which the Party Astronauts had 17, and the Bad News Bears only 5. This means that Party Astronauts more often started the round with aggression, which gave them an advantage.

Equal play was seen on the next map, Ancient. There, Party Astronauts was able to win the first half with a minimum 8:7, and then again played the second half unexpectedly well, winning the second map in a row, with a final score of 16:9. Despite four clutches from Bad News Bears, Party Astronauts were again better in open frag, which allowed them to win this map.

But all their efforts were in vain, as Bad News Bears managed to break them on the last map, where they were now the kings of open frags. They won Overpass 16:11, and became the champions of Fragadelphia 15.


Are Eastward's Reviews Going Upward?


Short answer - yes! We're going to preface this review by saying we've been eyeing this game since it was originally supposed to be launched (back in late 2020), as that is a factor in our review. That being said, the game has been said to be  really impressive. Just from the beginning you can tell the game was published by Chucklefish, as the story and NPC's have some serious Stardew Valley vibes. Right from the start, each NPC is really well developed and interesting, to the point where we really want to make sure we get to know each and every one of them. Each one is really individualized and enticing, and it shows the amount off detail that was really put into the game.

In terms of playability, the game is very friendly towards both avid gamers and people just getting their toes in the water. It has a good variety of combat and puzzles that have just the right amount of challenge to be interesting without being so hard they would stop players in their tracks. The mechanics and weapons are easy to pick up after a bit, and the movement and animations are smooth and clean. However, the combat is unfortunately not really varied and you can't change weapons, so that's the downside there.

But speaking of clean, let's talk about the artwork because it's stunning. The developers and designers did their best to capture the essence of Shanghai architecture, and the result is a setting with a ton of depth. Pixel art is often very straightforward and clean cut, but the artwork in Eastward, while pixelated, is still really detailed and layered and looks almost as though there's a haze over it taking you back in time. It compliments the vibe and feel of the narrative really well, which can be hard to pull off for a lot of games. After seeing all these great reviews from others, we're absolutely stoked to try this game out. It's going to be out tomorrow, 9/16, so don't miss it!

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Daily Drop Credit: Anam, Carmine, Mark, and the Founders.

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