Daily Drop Content Revamp May 3, 2021

Quick Drop Media

It's the first Monday of May and we cannot wait! Are you wondering why? Well, if you follow us on Twitter (plug) then you would know that we are launching our fully revamped Daily Drop gaming newsletter starting next week! #7daysCountdown

What's this new Daily Drop all about? After getting some great feedback from our community, Quick Droppers, we decided to change our newsletter to make it more relevant and timely. We don't want to share too much, but long story short get excited for what you are about to see 👀. We also ask that you continue to give us feedback, because we do take it seriously.

Is there any other news? Yes, we will also be launching a referral program, so you can share the Daily Drop with your friends, family, and colleagues! We have had over 100 people ask us if we would launch a referral program as they want to help us grow. Fortunately for them, and for you all, we are moving forward with it! This will allow the Quick Droppers community to grow together. We gain new subscribers, and you all earn some great rewards.

Did someone say rewards? Yes, there are going to be a couple of types of rewards. First, we will have our standard tiered level that the more people you refer the more you earn. We will also have competitions for whoever can refer the most people. Winners will be rewarded and losers, well you lose. We have gathered a ton of feedback on different types of rewards, and we have some great ideas! These rewards may also change over time to continue to keep it fresh. Again, we cannot share everything at this time, so you will have to wait and see. If you are interested in joining the referral program, please DM us on Twitter.

Remember to keep an eye out for the new content starting next week. Are you interested in helping us launch our revamped Daily Drop If so, please reach out on Twitter or join our Discord and ask how. Thank you again for all of the support.


Battlefield 6 Images Leak

Source: Battlefield 6 leaked images reported by VGC

Is anyone else excited for Battlefield 6? We for sure are. The new images that were leaked were reported by Video Games Chronicle(VGC). They were posted to social media and have been confirmed by Tom Henderson, who frequently reports on Battlefield 6. We still wonder what really caused the leaker to want to share these images, but we absolutely love them. It really keeps us and everyone else excited for this release. Be sure to check the photos out online.

Battlefield 6 is still planned for a 2021 release and will tap into the next-gen systems. We don't know about you, but after continuing to be disappointed by Warzone, we are in chomping at the bits for a new shooter. Are you planning on getting Battlefield 6? If so, send us a tweet and we will look to squad up. We can't wait to see you all on the battlefield. #GetReady


Source: Returnal, Eurogamer

Crash landing on a planet alone

Can you imagine crash landing on a planet alone? Returnal is a fight to survive a planet that is out to get you. What we mean by that, is this planet changes with every single death. This roguelike, a subgenre of games, is a mix between an RPG with TPS that gives gamers a different experience that honestly comes together quite well. If you like roguelike games, this one is highly recommended!

Items, items, items. The challenge with this game is many items that you find disappear when you die. Of course, there are permanent items that you get from progressing in the story or defeating a boss, but the other items that you pick up will go poof if you die. Moral of the story, don't die.

The good/bad news is that this highly rated game was only released on PS5 a few days ago. That's good news if you have a PS5, but bad news if you don't. Fortunately, for us, most of our Quick Drop Squad are PlayStation fans!

Thanks for reading. Tune in tomorrow for some more gaming content and get excited about next week's new content!

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