Where Do You Wander? Apr 15, 2021

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It's Thursday, and that means we're just one more day away from Friday. Today we're taking a look at a few musical masterpieces and machinery that will get you in the rhythm(pun very much intended) of the weekend. Put on some of your favorite tunes and read on!


The Can't Miss Mashup of The Year

Source: ign.com

Two of the biggest industry gaming events, E3 and IGN Summer of Gaming, will be partnering up this summer for a massive online bash. Last year, IGN was able to bring gaming news, brand new never before seen demos, exclusive trailers, and developer interviews, all from the safety and comfort of your own home. This year, they're aiming for the same awesome content, but unlike last year they'll be teaming up with E3. E3 is a similar showcase, and the two together will have announcements and gaming trailers and updates from some of the biggest developers, like Nintendo, Xbox, Capcom, etc. The developers have structured this to be a completely online and remote event to allow players to experience the same thrills and info spills they would in person, while still remaining home and online. The dates will be from June 12th to June 15th, so mark your calendars!


A Musical Adventure

Source: nintendo.com

What would you do if the world started to crumble? Well, for the main character in today's feature, Wandersong, the optimal path would of course be to repair the world through a lovely song. You play as The Bard, a music-loving adventurer searching for the tune that will heal the shattering world before him. The game is a long, side-scrolling puzzle that the player needs to solve in order to keep moving. Doing things that match notes and tones will allow various things to happen in the environment around the player, and sometimes will yield fun results and secrets. There is also an interesting color wheel mechanic, with each color yielding different results and tunes.

Can you uncover the reason for the world's destruction? The main character travels with another witch character, Miriam. The pair makes tons of friends along the way as they gather information about the world-saving tunes they need to find. However, unfortunate events along the way may cause your journey to come to a jarring halt, unless of course you can adapt and get in tune with the different events going on around you. The game is available on both PS4 and Switch, so be sure to grab it and give it a whirl.


Hands Are Sweaty, Mom's Spaghetti

Source: gamergoo.com

We all have those long gaming sessions were suddenly our hands get all clammy. Unfortunately extended periods of having body heat pressed against a surface can cause large amounts of sweat buildup on your hands and your controllers. A little bit of hand sweat is ok, but too much can lead to decreased grip on your controller, buildup of sweat leaking into your controller and causing potential damage, and damage to your gaming performance due to poor aim and finger slips. Gamer Goo is the best solution for this problem. It's a gentle, fresh-smelling lotion that will remove sweat and oils from your hands for up to four hours. It'll protect your controllers and improve your gaming performance with better grip on your controller, which means no more mess-ups due to a slippery surface. It comes in six fun scents. If you grab one, let us know which one you pick and how you like it! Find it and the rest of their products here.


Dust: An Elsyian Tail

Source: hardcoregaming101.net

A platforming RPG with an interesting tale. The game is a regular platformer following the path of a strong, noble warrior with severe amnesia. He has no idea who he is, only that he has a great destiny, told to him by a talking sword and a small little orange buddy of his named Fidget. As they search for answers and find monsters, they begin to solve the puzzles of who Dust was in his life before the amnesia set in.

The real definition of hack and slash. The game has a lot of ups and downs. A big draw is that there are different difficulty modes that allow players to choose just how much they want the combat to affect the game. The issue with the combat is that it's completely hack and slash, and while there are different moves and things you can do during combat, a lot of times there seems to just be a decent amount of button mashing. Going on to the story, it's very detailed. The player can unlock pages of lore and information as they go through, and read it on their own time. Going through the story is definitely rewarding, as the player is actively looking for information on their past. It balances the repetitive combat structure and the sort of monotonous enemies. Overall, the game is strong and would be a great game to pick up for someone who's really interested in the story aspect of platformers.

Thanks for reading, and we can't wait to see you tomorrow for this week's Feature Friday!

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