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Western themes have always adapted to gaming so well. From lone travelers to shootouts to hunting for gold, the entire genre and vibe of the western world has always done so well in games. On that note, we have some wild news and updates, so stay tuned.

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US Video Game Industry is Booming

Source: Safe Betting Sites US

2020 was a fantastic year for video games. The industry revenue increase 20% in the last year. The Safe Betting Sites US also projects that there will be another 11.2% increase to reach a staggering $30.37 billion in 2021.

The future of video games is just getting bigger. The pandemic provided an unprecedented boost for video games in all aspects. This year is the first time that the industry is projected to cross the infamous $30 billion mark. By the end of 2025, it is expected to reach $42.48 billion with an 8.75% increase per year. Mobile games alone generate $20 billion alone, and they are expected to continue to lead the industry in growth.

The amount of users are also increasing rapidly. In 2021 the amount of video game users are predicted to reach 163.1 million. By 2025, that number is expected to increase to 182 million. Mobile games also lead this area as well. Essentially 156 million users are mobile users. 80% of users are between the age of 18 to 44. By 2022, US video game industry's penetration will hit 50%.

Overall, the growth in the United States continues to increase at a staggering rate. However, all over the world these rates are similar. The UK has the highest penetration rate in the world. The data will continue to show how much revenue and appeal by the video game industry.


Bad News Bears Wins CS:GO ESEA Summer Cash Cup

Source: ESEA

Bad News Bears beat RBG 2:1 in the grand-final of ESEA Summer Cash Cup 5 North America Counter Strike Tournament. Bad News Bears won the second cup of this series becoming the champions of Cup 3. This tournament was open for everyone, so there was only one bracket for all the teams. All matches up until the Semifinals were in the 'best of one' format. The last two matches were held in 'best of three'.

In the semifinals, Bad News Bears managed to win Triumph 2:1. Triumph confidently won the Mirage, managed to win the second half 8:2. The mirror situation was repeated on the second map, when Bad News Bears won the first half 10:5, and then finished off the opponent with a final score of 16:10. On the final map, Bad News Bears confidently won first half 11:4, Triumph started to close the gap, losing 11:13. But then Bad News Bears won two important clutches, which helped them to advance to the final.

Match stats

Source: HLTV

The first map of the grand final turned out to be easy for Bad News Bears because they won it 16:6. RBG didn't even think to give up, having snatched a victory on the second map with a score of 19:17 in a bitter struggle. The third map was again Nuke, where Bad News Bears won the first half 11:4, similar to the match against Triumph. But they were able to correct their mistakes, not allowing the opponent to close the gap, and won the decisive map 16: 7.

Match stats

Source: HLTV

For the victory within ESEA Summer Cash Cup 5 North America Bad News Bears received $9,000.


Season 4 Of Rocket League Starts Wednesday

Source: Rocket League

It seems like just yesterday they released Season 3 of Rocket League in all of its glory. Luckily, Season 4 will be releasing this Wednesday, August 11th, for all fans. It should be noted that this is not the actual 4th season of Rocket League, as the count reset when the game was put into free-to-play last year. The competitive ladder will also be resetting, so if you're aiming for Champ or Grand Champ be sure to get on that grind soon! You'll have until 30 minutes before the start of Season 4 to get your Season 3 rank up as high as possible.

Among the new updates are of course another competitive rank reset. There will also be more new vanity items available in both the free and premium Rocket Passes, as well as an all-new car body for the premium pass. This season's is named 'Outlaw', and it's a cool western-themed body with all sorts of western-themed vanity items. Among those are of course a cowboy hat and desert Sherpa that goes on top of the car.

Season 4 will also be including a new western-themed standard arena, Deadeye Canyon. This rusty dusty zone will help you kick it in the wild west. There will also be a new feature that allows players to shut off copyright music within the game, 2v2 and other mode tournaments, and new limited time modes.  Be sure to check out the Rocket League website for more details on the new updates!


Fortnite August 2021 Skin Releases

Source: Fortnite

With Fortnite's Season 7 arrival, it's hard to miss all of the new updates and content that are continuing to be released. Along with those new updates and content comes one of our favorite things in the game: new skins. We have a list of our top 5 most anticipated skins (and how to get them) for August:

  1. Suicide Squad's Bloodsport Skin - 1,500 V-Bucks in the Item Shop
  2. Summer Sky - Included in the Fortnite Crew Pack
  3. Superman - Available with Fortnite's Battle Pass
  4. Ariana Grande - 2,000 V-Bucks in the Item Shop
  5. Cammy and Guile - 1,600 V-Bucks each in the Item Shop

There are also rumors of a skin based on The Foundation: Leader of  the Seven to be released in Season 8, though as always, take that with a grain of salt. If these are the skins they have in store, who's to say what else the have planned for the game in the upcoming months and seasons? We can't wait to find out!

We hope you had a wild time reading today's article. Until tomorrow!

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