8BitDo Retro Joystick

Story Feb 23, 2021
Source: 8BitDo

Ever get bit by the nostalgia bug? We get it, we all do. We miss the days of going to the arcade surrounded by your friends as you get this close to beating the level on Pac-man before the ghost gets you. That classic giant joystick and small pad of buttons bring back so many memories, and now you can have them in your home! The 8BitDo retro joystick has a massive joystick for your left hand, and the classic big red buttons on the right. Hook it to your favorite console and enjoy the thrill of feeling like you're in the 90's again, and even invite your family to surround you for that real arcade feel. The button layout will also adjust on it's own and change the visual display based on the system you have it hooked up to, making the work of setting it up that much easier. So if you're looking for a nice controller throwback, pick one up today!


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