Spread the Love, for A Kid Again

Story Feb 10, 2021
Source: A Kid Again, Explosivo, University Esports teams, Gamerized

Quick Drop Media and Gamerized are proud to sponsor the 72 hour 'Spread the Love' Charity Event ran by A Kid Again.

The mission of A Kid Again is to foster hope, happiness, and healing for the families with a child facing a life-threatening condition by providing year-round cost-free, group activities designed to take their minds off their daily challenges while creating happy memories. Some of these Adventures can include: Sporting Events, Theme Parks, Zoos, Mini Golf and Arcades, Holiday Parties etc...

The Charity Stream will bring together 10 universities across 5 states to support the great cause. We can take this one step further and help to share this event once it is live

The event is held February 12-14th, 2021 - you can find and support this stream across several platforms and channels, but the main stream will be held here: https://www.twitch.tv/a_kid_again

Quick Droppers, we are counting on you to help blow this up. Be sure to like, share, and retweet so we can knock this fundraiser out of the park!


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