A New Monitor's Resolution

Story Apr 7, 2021
Source: walmart.com

When it comes to gaming, resolution and graphics are essential. Pro gamers often have some absolutely epic setups, such as the ones set by SweatyPug and Asiika. Some of you may think these are a bit extreme and unnecessary, but when you think about awesome gaming experience, one of the first things that probably come to mind are the high-res, crystal clear images that are immersing you in your game. That kind of experience can't be replaced by any old monitor you probably have sitting around in your basement from ten years ago. However, we do realize that equipment like this can be pricey, so we've picked out a steal that would be a great addition to your gaming setup without subtracting too much from your wallet. The Spectre 24" HDMI 1080P monitor is a highly rated, decently sized gaming monitor with a solid resolution for its price point. It's a great starter piece for anyone who's just starting out with their gaming setup. Check it out here.

For the FPS or high-motion gamer out there, this might not be for you. Take into account that the monitor only features a 75Hz refresh rate. Great for most games, but not ideal for the competitive FPS world or games like Rocket League.


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