AGDQ Overview

Story Mar 24, 2021

A look back at this spring's first All Games Done Quick(AGDQ) Tournament. All Games Done Quick(AGDQ) is a speedrunning game org that runs various speedrun competitions throughout the year, with plans for AGDQ Summer 2021 already underway. The tournament raised over $2.75 million for charity, and had some of the fastest speedruns ever seen on both old and new games.

Some of the best highlights from this spring's tournament included Halo 3 in 1:14:17, Cuphead in 32:06, Divinity II: Original Sin completed in just 26:34. If you're a fan of speedrun tournaments, you can check out the entirety of AGDQ's speedrun competitions here. For updates on their summer tournament, be sure to check them out on Twitter! We're on the edge of our seats waiting for the next tournament, and hope they have more details...done quick (pun very much intended).


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