A'Hoy, Maties!

Story Mar 22, 2021
Source: xbox.com, Sea of Thieves

Time to sail the seven seas with Sea of Thieves! Sea of Thieves is an open-world ocean exploration game. Sail the oceans by yourself or with a crew and complete missions to find treasure! You control a pirate in first person view, and control your own ship. The game is somewhat rogue-like, and if you die in the game, you will start over with a new ship on a new island. Your ship is large, and comes with canons, multiple sails, different floors, and places to store all of your loot.

Fight, forage, and have fun! Each island is different, though most have the basics of sand and some flora. Often times, you'll run into various enemies like skeletons or other pirates that you'll take down using melee combat. There are all sorts of barrels, boxes, and chests that contain treasure, food, or other fun items that you can grab and take with you on your voyage. If you're not into fighting and just want to have fun exploring, you can do that as well. Though be warned, the seas are unforgiving, and often have challenges that you'll need to beat in order to survive.

Pirate Puzzles? Count us in! The islands in the game often have hidden alcoves and caves that contain different puzzles and mysteries that you'll need to solve before you can get the treasure. Often times, learning how to navigate islands with features like volcanoes and lava is a puzzle in itself. The other great feature about this game is that it has a multiplayer mode, so you don't always have to be alone when you're solving puzzles and exploring the seas. Regardless of what you enjoy in a game, we're sure that Sea of Thieves will be just what you're looking for. There's no time to waste, let's set sail!


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