AI and Gaming Research Summit

Story Feb 16, 2021

Microsoft has announced it's first gaming event of 2021 - The AI and Gaming Research Summit was recently announced.  The two day event is slated to begin on February 23rd, and will host conversations centered around up-and-coming technology, and particularly how it may be tooled for the future of gaming.

Source: Microsoft

The event will be headlined by Peter Lee, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Research & Incubations, along with Kareem Choudry, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Gaming Cloud.  

Centered around four themes

  • AI Agents for gameplay and game testing
  • Responsible Gaming, including ethics, safety, and inclusivity
  • Computational creativity and content generation
  • Understanding Players, player engagement, and analytics

While this isn't your typical cooperate gaming event, the summit will be invaluable for game developers and enthusiasts looking to delve into the latest and greatest tech created by Microsoft's research teams.  Check out the full agenda here.


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