Want in on a CS:GO Tournament?

Story Feb 18, 2021
Source: BN1 Gaming, CS:GO

Quick Droppers - get in on this CS:GO Tournament! We are pumped about a CS:GO tournament hosted by none other than BN1 Gaming! This is a monthly tournament that is intense! In order to get in the tournament you must sign-up before Feb 28th at 11:30am EST or 17:30 BST.

The Rules 📋 - will be a 5v5 tournament, best of 3 for the Final (no level restrictions). This will be a standard map pool that, of course, has overtime enabled. To decide starting sides it will be a knife round to fight to the death!

How to enter - free  - Go to BN1gaming.com and then join the discord server here where all comms will take place. If you have any questions, you can reach out to the BN1 team in their discord. Also, be sure to keep 👀 out for other events they host like Beer & Bullets (we are big fans of this one)!

Winners & runners up will get faceit points prize pool and a special shout out by the best daily gaming newsletter ever.... #QuickDropMedia #DailyDrop


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