Can we build a fort tonight?

Story Feb 15, 2021
Source: Joshua Hoehne, Unsplash

Fortnite continues to take the streaming industry by storm. No matter how much you love/hate the game it continues to have success. Much of this success can be broken down between the game developer, Epic Games, and the streaming community.

Epic Games, is a brilliant company with a strong marketing team. They continue to develop and evolve Fortnite to meet the needs of their community. The reason they are able to do this is because they print $$$$$. They picked up with the evolution of GaaS (games as a service) and made the game free. Epic generates revenue through in-game transactions using V-Bucs and by charging for a "season pass." Fortnite's season pass is a way to reward gamers that level up their character. Rewards include new in-game gear/apparel, emotes, or V-Bucs. The idea behind a season pass started with Dota 2, but Fortnite made this become main stream. If you're interested in learning more on the history behind GaaS checkout this article written by Roundhill Investments on The Rise of GaaS.

Content evolution is key for battle royales. Not only has Fortnite hit the nail on the head with generating revenue, but they also continue to evolve their content. Fortnite is no longer just a game, but instead, a media company. In 2019 Epic Games hosted a Marshmello concert in Fortnite, which was the games biggest event ever. On the back of this success, the company continued to invest in a live production studio in Glendale, Calif. This prepares Epic Games' video game maker, Unreal Engine, for the future. They followed this up with other popular artists and a wild in-game concert series, "Spotlight." We could go on and on about how Epic Games is finding different ways to reach their community, but we want to keep this newsletter < 5 minutes!

With regards to streaming, Fortnite speaks for itself. It continues to be at or near the top of the charts in terms of viewers, channels streaming, and hours streamed. What can we say, people enjoy watching this battle royale and all that the new seasons have to offer.



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