CDL 2021 Opening Weekend

Story Feb 15, 2021
Source: Call of Duty League 2021, Atlanta FaZe

CDL 2021 Opening Weekend was thrilling! To no surprise the Quick Drop Squad's favorite to be crowned champion this year, Dallas Empire, dominated Seattle Surge (3-0). We wished the story ended there as they suffered a tough loss against Minnesota RØKKR in SND losing on both Moscow and Garrison maps.

Atlanta FaZe, on the other hand, snapped back after their preseason loss to Florida (covered in Daily Drop #4 defeating) as they won against both LA Guerillas (3-0) and Optic Chicago (3-2).

We will continue to follow CDL throughout the year. Let us know who you think is going to win this season on Twitter... and who knows, maybe the winner will get a prize 👀


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