Cuphead Skins are Coming to Fall Guys

Story Feb 23, 2021
Source: Forbes

That's right, the game you know and love is getting a new skin. And, we're not sure how we feel about it. The new skins are scheduled to release on 2/24, and there have been some mixed reactions. Many gamers are saying it'll be weird to have that kind of skin, while some fanatics of the game are beyond excited for the collaboration. Apparently, they're keeping the giant cartoon eyes on the skin, so that's definitely something we're interested-and a little scared-to see. The skins are said to cost 10 crowns each, 5 for the top and 5 for the bottom. If you're a Fall Guys fan, make sure you tune in to check out the cool new skins, and try them out for yourselves if you like them. If you do, be sure to hit us up on Twitter or Discord and share a photo, we'd love to see them!


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