Digitizing Digital

Story Feb 9, 2021

E3 is going digital this year - the Electronic Entertainment Expo was one of the many events to not make it through last year as it was canceled due to, you know...

In 2020, the largest of corporations held their own digital events to showcase their latest and greatest in E3's stead, but in 2021 they're back.  The Entertainment Software Association plans to take on a multi-day live stream confirmed beginning June 15th (get that PTO in now).  It is not yet clear the manner in which the stream is going to be delivered, but the ESA is working with multitudes of developers and corporations actively cooperating to bring you the E3 you know and love in the comfort of your own home.

Source: Wired

As always, the usual cast of keynote speakers from game companies, as well as an awards show.  Furthermore, there are plans to have distributable demos of games being showcased for download on your home systems.

The ESA does still require approvals from it's individual members, made up of prominent companies within the gaming industry, but in the age of technology we don't need to cross our fingers to know they'll deliver for the green.

Stay tuned for more in the coming months...


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