Elden Ring Trailer Rumors

Story Mar 3, 2021
Source: screenrant.com

Elden Ring is a game that Dark Souls fans are looking forward to, but Xbox has been pretty hesitant about releasing any sort of new content or info related to the game. It is rumored to be an action RPG, and fans have been speculating and there that its release will be in late 2021. If you search, it will show December 2021, but again no one truly knows as these things change...just look at our Daily Drop on New World.

However, recent developments may be available to view, as there was a trailer for the game that was recently leaked. It showed some low-quality footage depicting various aspects of gameplay along with combat. People are abuzz as to how the game trailer actually got leaked when the developers have been so secretive about it as of late. Regardless, everyone is excited to finally see a little more about the game after having no information since its first trailer in 2019.


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