Epic... Again?

Story Feb 18, 2021
Source: Epic Games, Apple Inc., Pamela Hazelton

Epic Games is reportedly behind a new North Dakota bill. Epic Games continues to make headline news, this time for getting behind a North Dakota Bill targeting app store fees. Just when we thought the app store saga would end with Apple (and Google), Epic strikes again!

What's going on... This North Dakota bill looks to stop Google and Apple app stores from forcing developers to use their payment systems. While this would be a major defeat, it would only  apply to companies in North Dakota.

Quick Drop Squads Take: We are a bit sick of Google & Apple taking ~30% cut of any purchases made in their app stores. It will be interesting to see what happens in North Dakota. What we do know is there is no end in sight in terms of the Epic Games and Apple lawsuit, and this adds to the fun!

We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow for Feature Friday. Hint - we will be covering a Facebook Gaming Partner!


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