EPIC Games, not done growing

Story Feb 3, 2021
Source: EPIC Games

Epic Games has done it again. The company has just acquired the game development toolset creator RAD Game Tools. RAD had involvement in most of the industry’s leading tools such as their Oodle data compression utility to make games file size smaller. Additionally, they are responsible for the Bink utility used in over 15,000 games across 14 different platforms starting from the early 90’s. Bink 2 was only recently back in 2013 and continues to evolve over its Bink 1 predecessor. Advancements were made not only in the compression capabilities, but also in the speed of the scaling as well!  

Although the statements said that RAD will continue to function Business as usual, we would imagine there is a larger agenda EPIC Games is shooting for – only time will tell!


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