Explode with Explosivo

Story Feb 15, 2021
Source: Explosivo

How will you differentiate your stream with the significant amount of content creators/streamers? How will you continually change and adapt your stream to keep your community engaged? How will you make a strong first impression in first 5 seconds when someone joins your stream?

We have the answer, Explosivo, a full service design studio. With years of professional experience working for one of the largest media companies in the world, Explosivo is truly second to none. He takes his talent and experience and provides content creators with high quality graphic & video services. If you need emotes, panels, animation, stingers, stream overlays, social ads, intros etc - he has you covered.

Do you like free emotes? Quick Drop Squad likes Explosivo's emotes so much that we agreed to sponsor 2 giveaways a month for the rest of the year! Follow Quick Drop Media & Explosivo to get alerts on how to win. See the emotes from our latest winner winner chicken dinner below.

Can we have 15% off? We reached out to Explosivo and he was nice enough to offer all Quick Droppers 15% off on your first order. Check out his website and reach out to Explosivo on Twitter with any questions.


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