The year of falling (2020)

Story Feb 1, 2021
Source: Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout, Mediatonic

What game best describes 2020... We thought none other than Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout. The game tests your patience, finger agility, and luck! Fall Guys took the industry by storm last year through it’s 60 player competitive, yet goofy, gameplay.

We imagine many of you have either watched or played the game, but for those that haven’t, you are in for a treat. The goal of Fall Guys is to continue to qualify through subsequent rounds by beating your opponents in a series of mini games. The final round has a few players who compete for the Crown!

Did you say Quick Drop Fall Guys Tournament - what!?
We recommend jumping into this battle royale with your customized jelly bean looking character, so much so that we are going to sponsor a Quick Drop Fall Guys tournament in the coming months. Keep a lookout on how to qualify!


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