Game Global Digital Summit

Story Feb 24, 2021
Source: Game Global

Taking a twist on normal gaming events. The Game Global Forum was created back in 2018 by the organizers of the LocWorld Conference. The Game Global Forum serves as a dedication and honest discussion in video game globalization.

Unlike typical gaming events created for the consumer, the Game Global Digital Summit primarily focuses on the stakeholders in the video game globalization industry. The Summit offers a space where specialists across the industry can discuss their stories and career paths, their successes and failures, and their ongoing research. The beauty of it is that it is all in a transparent manner.

As a video game consumer, this summit offers insight into the questions we always find ourselves asking – What's next for the gaming industry? What is the next big thing? It serves as a solid source of information to keep a pulse on what is to come. Be sure to stay tuned for upcoming reads that will cover any information revealed.


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