Game Maker Studio 2

Story Mar 3, 2021

Looking to create games? Game Maker Studio 2 is helpful! We know... just when you thought we were done talking about game creation. Game Maker Studio 2 is a must have piece of software equipment if you're looking to create some sick platformers and other 2d games! From beginning to end, this software will allow you to smoothly plan your game and get every detail perfect.

But Quick Drop, what if we already know how to code? GameMaker Studio 2 has thought of that, and includes a programming language for all you coding pros out there. So don't worry if click and pasting isn't really your style. GMS2 has you covered with a sick language that'll make any coder feel like a true pro.

Wait, hold on! What about those of us who don't even know where to start coding? Well, GMS2 has thought of that as well and has a great, easy to use drag and drop system that will make any kind of game you create a breeze for you  beginners. Remember, these programs are here to make you and anyone else interested in game creation more comfortable and confident with the process of designing a game. Planning your first game should be something that's enjoyable and fun, but beyond that, educational. Both GMS2 and RPG Maker are there to teach you the basics so further down the line, you can apply those basics and improve!


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