Gaming Tech for Filming

Story Mar 15, 2021
Source: The Telegraph

Who said gaming tech was only for games? Movie producers are always looking for ways to up their flare, and gaming tech might just be the solution. The best way that studios have found recently is through something called 'virtual production', where the scene is filmed in a video-game generated environment. The tech originated during the height of the pandemic, when producers were frantically looking for ways to safely complete their movies without the dangers of significant on-set presence from their crew and actors. Using these methods, the cast and crew can distance by allowing the crew to remotely change lighting, sounds, visuals, and more. Directors will also be able to view this in a remote area, and in a 3d environment with a VR headset. Gaming technology is fast becoming one of the most innovative forms of its kind, and we hope that in the future it will be able to change much more than just the movie world.


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