Interested in Game Development?

Story Mar 1, 2021
Source: GDC Masterclass

Focused, hands-on workshop on Game Development. Coming March 4th -5th 2021, the GDC Masterclass Program is a 2 day long Game Development program. The classes will range from shorter 2-hour sessions to longer 8-hour ones, as well as a course that will give the learner a professional certification! If you're into the world of game development and really looking to get your feet wet, come check out the courses and get the individual attention and help you need to create the next big game that may just end up in our newsletter one day!

The classes also feature other important areas of Game Dev. The program spends time on areas such as leadership development and game psychology, topics that you may not even have considered while developing your games. There are also more classic courses, such as how to merge your story building with gameplay and ranked game matchmaking systems.

Be sure to check out GDC for other courses as well throughout the year!


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