Genki Audio gets a Glow Up

Story Feb 24, 2021

Nintendo Switch gets an audio upgrade! Genki has done it again. In their latest release, the tech innovator has released what is being called the Genki Audio Lite – aka, a beautifully made Bluetooth adapter for your Nintendo Switch!

The primary function of the adapter is to bring Bluetooth 5.0 to devices and audio a BT audio solution featuring 'aptX high fidelity low latency codecs', per Genki. The beauty of the adapter is that it now allows users to connect any Bluetooth headphones or speakers to their device! That brand new surround sound system you have in your home? DONE - Genki Audio Lite has you covered. The Bluetooth headphones you've been using on your PC? DONE - Genki Audio Lite has you covered here too.

The true upgrade here from their previous Genki Audio adapter is the size of the product and how sleek the new design is featuring a 70% slimmer and 30% lighter and smaller model! This helps eliminate many issues original Audio users had with the potential of breaking off or bending the adapter.

It doesn't stop there - Native USB Type-C port. This device, while convenient for the Nintendo Switch, may also work very well with other USB Type-C compatible products. Our only complaint is the drop in the number of simultaneous connections supported – from 2 in the Genki Audio down to 1 in the Audio Lite... but at the end of the day, one device is realistically all that is needed for now. Well done Genki!


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