Genshin Impact Reveals a New Character

Story Mar 4, 2021

We have some huge Genshin Impact fans here at QD, and we're super excited about the newest character released in the game, Hu Tao! People have been speculating about her for quite a while, wondering when her drop date will be. For those unfamiliar with Genshin, the characters you can receive through random gatchas are rated from 1-5 stars. Hu Tao is a 5 star character, making her one of the more powerful ones in the game. Pyro elements are awesome in the game as well, and can be used to solve puzzles or survive in one of the newest chilly areas, Dragonspine.

Everyone is starting to save up their wishes in order to have a chance of receiving this beauty. Will she replace Diluc in our hearts as the new go-to Pyro character? Probably not, cause Diluc is super cool. In any case, we're just as excited as you are and are crossing our fingers in hopes that we can snag her!


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