Google is a bully?

Story Feb 17, 2021
Source: Google ;)

2021 is certainly off to a great start, or is it?  Tech and search engine giant, Google, has started 2021 threatening to pull service out of Australia due to the new "Link" tax laws.

As tech companies grow into the giants that they are, countries are beginning to fight back for their cut of these behemoths. With a recent push for increased regulation and taxation, Australia is setting the precedent for what could become the worldwide standard for these large tech firms.

The irony of this knee jerk reaction by Google is completely fitting with the topic to begin with.  They are one of the largest tech firms in the world, and as such they chose to set the tone and threaten the removal of their services to an entire country.

Why it matters. When people think of Google they immediately think of their main use for it as a search engine. But Google services do not stop there – this could mean the removal of Google Stadia from supporting Australian gamers. This puts gamers in a tough spot that might be in a pinch for money where a game streaming service helps open possibilities for them. Unfortunately for Google, it's only a matter of time before this truly does become a standard. And in terms of setting a precedent for how to respond, Google could have done better.  


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