Halo 5 Pro Series Tournament

Story Mar 2, 2021
Source: 343

The Halo 5 Pro Series Tournament is going on throughout early 2021! We know, you thought we were done with Halo, didn't you. Think again, folks. Gaming competitions can often be few and far between. That is, if you manage to qualify to play. Especially for newer players, many feel like their skills just aren't enough to even consider trying out. The Halo 5 Pro Series tournament offers an easy way for people from all across the globe to compete in double elimination tournaments. Both Xbox and PC players are able to join, making it less restrictive for those who don't have the game on one or the other.

Think you've really got skills in Halo 5? The winners of the different brackets can win prizes, with the championship prize being a whopping 10k. The competition is currently underway, nearing the end rounds that will determine which team is true champion material. Be sure to tune in and see who ends up winning the Halo 5 Pro Series tournament, and maybe even get some tips to improve your own gaming skills.  Check out the current roster, bracket, and event details here.


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