Hardware À La Carte

Story Feb 2, 2021

Digital distribution seems to be the preferred way of media acquisition. With the most recent launch of next gen consoles, we're seeing this digital movement taking over physical copies as consumers are overwhelmingly in favor of the convenience over security. A poor omen for GameStop, which has already seen declines in retail sales from the previous generation consoles. As the brick-and-mortar giant retools its board of directors with the addition of Chewy co-founder Ryan Cohen bringing with him two executives, rumors have surfaced about the potential for Build-a-PC Kiosks popping up in a number of stores for a pilot program. For what seems like the better part of 2 decades, GameStop has increasingly weaned out their PC gaming support, but the change of heart may spell gains for PC gamers and builders alike.

GameStop looks to pilot a new PC program. In a Microcenter-like service, these kiosks would see a dedicated terminal for selecting PC hardware to be delivered directly to your address. So why go into the store when I have a PC at home? A knowledgeable GameStop employee will be available for any of your PC building questions, potentially lifting one more barrier to entry for first time PC builders. Time will tell if this pilot program lands permanence in their widespread footprint, but just the fact they're entertaining the idea is indicative of the noticeable increase in PC gaming in the last few years. This with the increase in availability of cross-platform games, PC-ports, and AMD/Intel/Nvidia all releasing new generations of gaming hardware, we wonder if PC gaming is seeing its second golden age?


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