Hearthstone Masters Tour

Story Mar 10, 2021
Source: One of our Hearthstone nerds at QD :p

Wizard poker at its finest. For those of you new to the world of online card games, Hearthstone is a classic developed by none other than Blizzard. It's a strategic card game where the goal is to reduce your opponent down to zero health. You can play as different classes that all have their own unique spells, minions, and hero powers!

Hearthstone offers its Masters Tour each year, with the Ironforge Tour part coming this Friday, 3/12. The matches are bracket style with teams competing together, and the winner emerging afterwards. The best players can even get to the Grandmasters Tournament level, and play for prizes in the range of 250k! Check it out here for more details on the matches, as well as how to watch and compete in the brackets coming later this year.


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