Hydration Hype During Stream!

Story Mar 22, 2021
Source: hidratespark.com

Did you know water bottles could be smart? With the amount of gaming we all do, it's important to remember to stay hydrated. However, sometimes you can never remember how much water you drank. HidrateSpark has a pretty great solution for that, with it's steel Smart Water Bottle. The bottle contains controllable LED lights that sync to a phone app, and will remind you when it's time to take another drink. It also sends drinking data to your phone, allowing you to easily track your daily water intake and make sure you're drinking enough.

The bottle is also made of stainless, insulated steel, and will stay nice and cool during your extra long gaming or streaming sessions. If you want to have it match the rest of your glowing gaming gear, you can order your favorite color combination as well as customize the glow of the lights through the app. We hope this will help all you awesome gamers and streamers stay hydrated and healthy!


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